About the Friends

About the Friends of the SMU Libraries

About the Friends

The Friends of the SMU Libraries, originally founded in 1970 as Colophon, is an organization dedicated to promoting and enriching the resources, services and operations of the seven SMU Libraries. The Friends also provide opportunities for book lovers to become acquainted with each other and with the many resources of the SMU Libraries through a series of programs each year. These events feature noted authors, historians, artists, publishers and curators of notable collections.

Since its founding in 1970, the Friends of the SMU Libraries/Colophon has been committed to helping the libraries maintain their excellence. In over 45 years, the Friends have funded over $1,000,000 in materials and library services. In addition to providing funds for reference materials and fine press books, the Friends continue to provide much-needed support for electronic resources and equipment.

Friends Board, 2018-2019

Janis Knott, President
Sam Childers `97, Vice President
Cindy Ruppi `14, Secretary
Donna Cotter `15, Treasurer
Stephanie A. Amsel, Past President

Lou Bauman
Kelly L. Baxter
Karen F. Blumenthal `90
Mary Helen Bradford `63
Michael V. Hazel `70
Jann P. Mackey `90, `03
Kortney Nelson
Linda Preece `98
Paul Santa Cruz `08
Toni Terry `54

Ex Officio
Anthony Elia
Greg Ivy
Elizabeth Killingsworth
Sandy Miller

Amy Carver `94