Faculty Services

Adding Course Reserve Items

Reserving items allows faculty to ensure access to course materials for all students. Please view the Faculty Guide to Reserve for more information.

  • Course reserves must comply with copyright. See copyright statement below.
  • Allow one week for processing at the beginning of a new term and two business days thereafter.
  • You can use the Library Search to find items already on Course Reserve.
  • Neither e-books nor online articles may be placed on course reserve. Instead, please use permalinks in Canvas or contact your librarian for assistance.
  • If an item from another SMU library is needed for reserve at Fondren or Hamon, staff will handle the transfer of the item.

Submit Course Reserve Requests


If you have any questions, please contact:

For reserves at Fondren, you may print the forms and bring them to the Fondren Library Main Desk or fill out a form at the Main Desk.

For reserves at Hamon, you may print the forms and bring them to the Hamon Arts Library Circulation Desk or fill out a form at the Circulation Desk.

Purchase Request

If the Library does not own items that you need for reserve, you may contact your subject librarian to request a purchase. Please let your librarian know that the items are needed for course reserve.  

Fair Use Compliance: Conditions of Acceptance

Copyright Compliance is enforced. Information about copyright can be found here.