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Internship Opportunities

SMU Libraries Digital Collections Internships and Practicums

A variety of internship/practicum opportunities are available that allow undergraduate and graduate students to work on SMU Libraries Digital Collections projects. Participants will be immersed in our various work flows, and each program is designed to provide hands-on experience that will help participants with their future career development.

SMU Libraries Digital Collections staff also work with faculty to develop tailored projects, assignments, and internships that meet the needs of specific courses, programs, and disciplines. We design learning labs and conduct seminars related to digitization, metadata creation, digital collections, and digital preservation, including workshops-on-demand. We offer experiential training to faculty and staff from SMU and local academic and cultural heritage organizations.

All internships/practicums are unpaid, offered year-round, available to advanced undergraduate and graduate students, can be used for credit hours for a corresponding academic program, or can be tailored for a non-credit-bearing experience. 

With the exception of the Bridwell Library Internship/Practicum, all programs are hosted by the Norwick Center for Digital Solutions (nCDS). nCDS is working to digitize the extensive special collections holdings of SMU Libraries and make them freely available over the Internet on the SMU Libraries Digital Collections web site. 

With the exception of the Metadata Creation Internship/Practicum, which is also available online, all programs must be completed on-site at SMU during normal business hours. Hours are negotiable depending on the number of credit hours, with a minimum of six hours a week and a maximum 20 hours per week.

All programs are selective and subject to availability. To apply, please send your resume and a brief cover letter describing your qualifications and interest in the program to


Audio-Video Digitization Internship/Practicum

A growing number of digital collections contain audio and video files that nCDS must transfer from analog to digital format. This internship/practicum provides hands-on experience and training in audio-video digitization and digital collections development. Work during the practicum is focused on the areas of analog-to-digital transfer, file formatting, metadata creation, and digital preservation. Students receive training on how to digitize the analog originals under the supervision of the nCDS Director.

Bridwell Library Digital Collections Internship/Practicum

Bridwell Library Special Collections and Archives holds over 50,000 items, including historical manuscripts, early printed material, book arts, literature, and archaeology. Bridwell Library’s digitization department is responsible for creating digital content for exhibitions and digital collections for the Bridwell Library, as well as organization of the digital material. The intern will be assigned a project and receive training on research, digitization, audio/video editing if applicable, Photoshop editing, metadata creation in Excel, and publishing material in CONTENTdm. S/he will have the opportunity to plan, execute, and market the project from beginning to publication. 

To apply for the Bridwell Library Digital Collections internship please send your resume and a brief cover letter describing your qualifications and interest in the program to

Digital Collections Internship/Practicum

This internship/practicum, hosted in nCDS's state-of-the-art digitization center, focuses on digitization, metadata creation, and digital collections management. The practicum includes:

Students may also receive tutorials on other areas, such as marketing and outreach, social media, documentation, specialized training in CONTENTdm software, web usage analysis, and/or digital archiving.

Metadata Creation Internship/Practicum
Students are given an overview of metadata creation for digital projects within cultural heritage institutions, with special emphasis on the interplay of metadata with digitization of primary materials, digital collections design and software, and digital preservation. Students are given a wide range of metadata projects to complete using nCDS's cataloging guidelines.

Digital Humanities Internship/Practicum (SMU students only)

This internship/practicum is designed on a case-by-case basis, depending on whether it is for-credit through an academic department or non-credit-bearing. Emphasis is placed on the digitization and cataloging of primary materials for use in academic research. Core skills include digitization and metadata creation, with special instruction on digital collections design and development. The student may elect to design a Digital Humanities project based on their interests and time commitment.