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Twenty table hosts will lead discussions on a variety of topics during the Tables of Content dinner. Table host information is still being updated so please check the website often for new hosts and topics.

Rusty Williams, Author and Historian

Topic: Deadly Dallas Streets: Unfortunate Incidents, Deplorable Mayhem, and Grisly Fatalities at the Turn of the Twentieth Century”


From the 1880s through much of the 1920s, all manner of vehicles shared the streets of Dallas: horse-drawn and mule-drawn, two-wheel gigs and four-wheel carriages, streetcars, delivery wagons, bicycles, locomotives, and (later) automobiles, autotrucks, jitneys, and motorcycles. There were few enforceable rules of the road, fewer traffic laws.

Driving the streets of turn-of-the-twentieth-century Dallas could be as harrowing as a blindfolded rush hour trip up the length of North Central Expressway today. Or worse.