Oxford Course Information


Courses taught by SMU faculty will meet Monday-Thursday from 10 am – noon, most weeks. The first week the courses will meet Tuesday through Friday, while in the last week they meet Monday and Tuesday.

Tutorials will meet one afternoon a week on a Monday-Thursday for one hour. The schedule of weekly tutorial meetings will be arranged by each individual tutor.  


Final exams are administered for both the three-hour courses and two-hour tutorials.  Students are given a letter grade.

Course Selection

Students enroll in five credits of course work in the Oxford program. They take one three-credit course from an SMU Law School Faculty member and one two-credit tutorial taught by present and past members of the Oxford faculty. Each SMU professor will have no more than eighteen students. Tutorials accommodate six to eight students, and each tutor usually meets with no more than three students per session. Tutorials typically require students to prepare a written essay in response to an assigned topic and to present it to the tutor orally. The two-credit tutorial fulfills the general writing requirement at SMU.

NOTE: Applicants are asked to rank their first choices among the offered SMU courses and tutorials when they apply. While every effort is made to give each student his or her first choices, it is not always possible to do so due to class size and interest. We are usually able to give students at least one first choice (course or tutorial) and one second choice. Most students receive their first choice in both selections.  

SMU Course Description

(3 credit hours)
Lackland Bloom

This course will compare the protection of freedom of speech in the United States under the First Amendment with the protection of freedom of speech in the United Kingdom pursuant to the (unwritten) British Constitution as well as the European Convention on Human Rights to which the UK is a party as well as the recently enacted UK Bill of Rights. The course will begin with a consideration of the various values underlying the protection of freedom of speech and then compare and contrast the protection of speech in the areas of sedition, the public forum, prior restraint, offensive speech, hate speech, defamation, privacy, the judicial process, campaign finance, broadcasting, press coverage and the internet along with other issues that may arise.

REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS - Texas Bar (3 credit hours)
Martin Camp
Transfer, finance, and development of real property; the real estate sales contract; the duties and remedies of sellers, purchasers, and brokers; conveyancing; title protection, including recording laws, the mechanics of title search, clearing titles, and title insurance; real estate finance, including mortgages and federal programs. Some emphasis on Texas law. Course will also have a comparative law component discussing how property is Transferred in the UK and in Germany. 

Book will be:  Korngold and Goldstein, 6th Edition by Foundation Press. 

Tutorial Course Description

Tutorial topics vary from year to year.  More information will be provided at a later date.