Student Wellness and Support

Counseling Services

Dr. Bob Smith Health Center

The Counseling Services team at SMU includes licensed professional counselors, psychologists, and psychiatrists as well as interns and post doctoral fellows from programs accredited by the American Psychological Association. The team offers a comprehensive array of psychological services, including counseling, assessment, crisis intervention, outreach and consultation.  Some commonly treated conditions include stress, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, relational issues, substance abuse, and eating concerns.  Your student fee covers all counseling services (which are confidential).

In addition, the Texas Lawyers Assistance Program helps law students who are concerned they may be experiencing substance abuse, mental illness, or chronic stress: (800) 343-8527.  All communication with TLAP is confidential pursuant to Texas Health & Safety Code § 467.

LawLifeline is a new mental health resource specifically for law school students.

Disability Accommodations and Success Strategies

Altshuler Learning Enhancement Center, 5800 Ownby, Suite 202

The mission of the office of Disability Accommodations & Success Strategies (DASS) is to support the educational, career, social, and recreational choices of SMU students with documented disabilities through coordination of services and reasonable accommodations.  In keeping with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, individuals with disabilities may not be subjected to discrimination. The purpose of reasonable accommodations is to assure that these students have access to SMU programs and services and to the opportunity to succeed academically equal to that of students without disabilities.  Academic accommodations do not guarantee that students will be academically successful, and they are not provided simply because a person has a disability.  Rather, they are provided only if not having the accommodations would result in discrimination.

It is the responsibility of the students themselves to establish eligibility for services or accommodations through the DASS office.  Students who would like to be considered for services through this office (1) must submit appropriate, current documentation, and (2) must request services themselves, ideally by completing the online request form.  Documentation will not be reviewed without the students’ making such a request.

Documentation of a disability needs time to be reviewed to determine eligibility, so it is important to submit documentation early.  

Note: Since submitting documentation to admissions is not considered a request for services and does not ensure that the documentation is forwarded to this office, be sure to submit documentation directly to this office.  Please allow two weeks for review of documentation before inquiring about eligibility for services.

Dedman Center for Lifetime Sports 

Law students have access to one of the premier fitness facilities in Dallas at the Dedman Center for Lifetime Sports.  The facility is designed for recreational sports, wellness and intramural activities. Recreational facilities include a state-of-the-art weight room/fitness facility featuring individual flat screen televisions; racquetball, basketball, badminton, volleyball and sand volleyball courts; exercise studios; indoor soccer area; 25 meter indoor pool; outdoor fountain pool; indoor jogging track; and climbing center with rock-climbing wall.  Your student fees cover access to the facility; student ID required for entry.

Intramural Sports

  • Registration and Team Management
  • Fall Sports: 3v3 Basketball, Billiards, Dodgeball, Flag Football, Floor Hockey, Sand Volleyball, Soccer, Table Tennis, Ultimate Volleyball
  • Spring Sports: 4v4 Flag Football, Basketball, Cricket, Indoor Soccer, Racquetball, Sand Volleyball, Softball, Tennis, Ultimate Volleyball

Medical Care 

The University’s health facilities are located in the Dr Bob Smith Health Center. The medical clinic is staffed by physicians and experienced health care providers who provide a wide range of medical services, allowing students to receive quality outpatient care on campus.  Services provided include treatment of acute illnesses, care of injuries, minor medical procedures, physical exams, STD testing, immunizations, allergy shots, laboratory testing, and X-rays.  Specialty services include dermatology, women's health, and sports medicine.

Your student fee covers primary care, physician visits at no charge, as well as all counseling services. Charge for specialized physician care, laboratory tests, x-rays, pharmaceuticals, and supplies

Prayer/Reflection Room

Storey, Inside Suite 29 in basement

  • Private room for students, faculty, and staff of all faiths, spiritual beliefs and practices
  • SMU ID required for entrance

Lactation Room

Storey, Inside Women’s Restroom in basement

  • Private room in which female students, faculty, and staff can pump and feed their children; refrigerator available
  • Pass code required – obtain from Betty Alexander: 214-768-2620 or

Sexual Misconduct Policies, Prevention and Resources

Wellness Week

Each October, SMU Dedman Law presents Wellness Week to coincide with the ABA’s National Law Student Mental Health Day.  The week is co-sponsored by the Office of Student Affairs and the Student Bar Association Wellness Committee.  Last year, events included, “Keep Calm and Yoga On” – a restorative yoga session on campus; “Eat Right with Thompson & Knight” – healthy food and diet tips from SMU’s on-campus dietician; “Therapy Dogs at the Tempietto”; “Don’t Get Stuck in a Hole” – cornhole game to relieve stress; and “Too Blessed to Be Stressed” – gratitude board in the Pit. 

In addition, we brought three speakers to campus for the following presentations: “Confronting Challenges to the Profession: Tools for Attorneys and Law Students”; “Stop Minding Your Own Business: A Lawyer’s Ethical Obligation to Recognize and Assist Fellow Attorneys In Need of Help;” and “Battling Suicides and Depression: How Lawyers Can Help Each Other.”  


WellTrack is SMU's free online mental health platform.  This app contains meditation exercises, daily mood checks, stress reduction tips and much more to help you manage stress, depression, and anxiety while in law school  Download the app here and sign up TODAY using your SMU email address!

Concerned About a Law Student?

You may be the first to notice a student is in distress. If the situation represents an immediate threat to personal health and safety, notify the SMU Police immediately at 214-768-3333.  In non-emergency situations, students, faculty, staff, and family members may report student concerns by completing this form 

Dean Yeager may connect with the student to discuss the concern; assist the student in navigating University resources; provide information about available resources; develop an action plan with the student to address the concern; consult with faculty, staff and students about handling the concern; and/or support and follow-up as needed.