The Year in Review


The Year in Review is an annual survey of international law providing a comprehensive summary of the germane legal developments, key pieces of legislation, and landmark decisions that helped shape the international legal tapestry of the year.   

The Year in Review includes submissions from thirty to forty Committees of the American Bar Association International Law Section. The objective of The Year In Review is to publish high-quality articles on international subjects relevant to each Committee of the ABA/ILS, informing its readers of significant legal developments that happened during the previous calendar year. Catering to the ABA ILS membership and others, The Year In Review shares the same readership as The International Lawyer and is the most widely distributed U.S. international law survey in the world, enjoying subscriptions of approximately 11,000 readers in more than 90 countries.

Corporate Counsel Symposium

The Corporate Counsel Symposium (CCS) brings together general counsel and attorneys from companies nationwide. The one-day symposium joins in-house and outside counsel together with judges and regulatory agencies for a survey of legal developments and best practices. CCS features panel discussions addressing timely legal issues, such as corporate social responsibility, blockchain transactions, shareholder activism, institutional shareholder interfacing, and executive compensation.