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The SMU Science & Technology Law Review is a journal produced semi-annually by the Southern Methodist University Dedman School of Law’s Science and Technology Law Review Association.

SMU Science and Technology Law Review is dedicated to exploring cutting-edge matters at the forefront of science and technology. Each issue features articles authored by leading Science and Technology scholars and practitioners that address key legal, economic, and political developments and issues within science and technology. Key topics highlighted in recent publications including the legal use and limits of hardware and software design, COVID-19 vaccine regulation and distribution, and various areas of intellectual property law.


Recent Articles in Volume 26, Number 1 (2023)

Antitrust Accountability Delayed: State Antitrust Enforcement and Multidistrict Litigation

By Roger P. Alford – State Attorneys General play a crucial role in the enforcement of antitrust laws. Defendants have successfully delayed state enforcement proceedings by centralizing them with private lawsuits in multidistrict litigation. A new venue law has foreclosed that delay tactic, placing State Attorneys General on equal footing with federal antitrust enforcers in deciding where, when, and how to prosecute antitrust cases.

Hub-and-Spoke Conspiracies: Can Big Data and Pricing Algorithms Form the Rim?

By Bradley C. Weber – A hub-and-spoke conspiracy is a metaphor used to describe an antitrust cartel that includes a firm at one level of a supply chain—such as a buyer or supplier—who acts like the “hub” of a wheel. Vertical agreements up or down the supply chain act as the “spokes,” and a horizontal agreement among the spokes acts as the “rim” of the wheel. Courts have considered hub-and-spoke conspiracies for more than eighty years, and there is large body of case law that pertains to the evidence that is necessary for proving this type of antitrust conspiracy. [...]


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