Submissions to the SMU Science and Technology Law Review


Submission Method

The Journal strongly prefers electronic submissions via Scholastica. However, we will also accept submissions using the form below. The Journal no longer accepts paper submissions.

Topics Accepted

The Journal publishes articles dealing with the many substantive legal issues affected by science and technology. Areas in which the use of technology raise new and interesting legal issues frequently include patent, copyright, trademark, trade secret, privacy rights, social media, e-commerce, criminal, jurisdiction, comparative law, constitutional issues, cyber security, and privacy issues.


The Journal welcomes article submissions from judges, professors, practitioners, and law clerks. Unsolicited submissions from current law students will not be considered for publication. The Journal does not consider submissions that have been, or will be published elsewhere. The Journal publishes twice annual and typically accepts unsolicited submissions for each issue.


Submissions must contain footnote citations which substantially conform to The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation. While there are no restrictions on the length of submissions, the Journal strongly prefers submissions with fewer than 30,000 words. The Journal also refers to the Texas Law Review Manual on Usage & Style, 12th Edition, for rules of grammar, punctuation, and style.  It is strongly recommended that all submissions be accompanied with:

  1. a cover letter containing the author’s contact information and the title of the manuscript
  2. a resume or curriculum vitae for the author
  3. an abstract on a separate page
  4. a copy of the manuscript


Questions regarding submission policies should be directed to


Submission Form