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SMU Law Review is the flagship journal of SMU Dedman School of law, publishing articles by prominent legal scholars and practitioners with international reach.

SMU Law Review is part of the SMU Law Review Association which also publishes the SMU Law Review Forum, the Journal of Air Law and Commerce, and the SMU Annual Texas Survey. Together, the Association’s student members publish four issues annually for the SMU Law Review. One issue each year is a Symposium issue focusing on timely legal topics. Recent Symposium issues have highlighted the role of artificial intelligence in a fair and just society, criminal justice reform, the right to die, and free speech under the First Amendment. Additionally, SMU Law Review publishes four to five Comments written by SMU Law Review Association’s student members. Serving as more than just a publication, the SMU Law Review also sponsors the annual SMU Corporate Counsel Symposium.

Before publishing as the SMU Law Review in 1992, the journal began in 1947 as Texas Law and Legislation and then as the Southwestern Law Journal in 1948.


Recent Articles in Volume 75, Issue 2 (2022)

Contract Law’s “Too Good to Be True” Doctrine—Is It?

By William A. Drennan– In a wonderful variety of emotionally charged contract law opinions, including the cases of the boastful cheater, the opportunistic attorney, and the careless concrete contractor, courts unfortunately have used the phrase “too good to be true” as a single-step test to decide enforceability. These cases can generate emotional responses ranging from empathy to schadenfreude because they involve a mistake with potentially disastrous results for one party (and a windfall for the other side). It is understandable that courts would be drawn to a catchy, down-to-earth phrase to reach a just resolution in these entertaining and memorable cases. [...]

The Boundaries of Multi-Parentage

By Jessica Feinberg – Multi-parentage has arrived. In recent years, a growing number of courts and legislatures have recognized that a child may have more than two legal parents. A number of significant societal, medical, and legal developments have contributed to the trend toward multi-parentage recognition. The traditional family structure of a married different-sex couple and their biological children currently represents only a minority of U.S. families. [...]

When Time Stands Still: Eliminating Immigration “Death Sentences”

By Lori A. Nessel – In the last five years, the Supreme Court has had a frenzied approach to judicial review of agency action, with two wings of the Court pulling it in opposite directions. The ideological divide of the Court on deference to agency action was on stark display in three recent cases dealing with the Patent and Trademark Office’s (PTO’s) new proceeding for reevaluating issued patents (inter partes review (IPR)). [...]


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