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Lolita Buckner Inniss authored a book chapter “Cecelia Kell v. Canada,” (with Jessie Hohmann and Enzamaria Tramontana) in Feminist Judgments in International Law, eds. Hodson and Lavers (Hart Publishing, September 2019).  The chapter discusses real property rights of Aboriginal Canadian women.  She was also quoted last month in Inside Philanthropy in “Making Amends: How Funders Can Address Slavery’s Legacy” at https://www.insidephilanthropy.com/home/2019/9/19/making-amends-how-funders-can-address-slaverys-legacy. One quote reads: “…among the calls for research, recollection and reconciliation, …there is a crucial ‘R’-word missing: reparations.”  When they are offered, “…they are limited, …U.S. philanthropies can change the conversation to one that focuses on materially aiding descendants of the enslaved.”  (archived at https://perma.cc/M458-N6QN)

Dale Carpenter was quoted in a story from NBC news on the repeal of New York City’s “conversion therapy” ban, https://www.nbcnews.com/feature/nbc-out/when-it-comes-conversion-therapy-age-isn-t-just-number-n1054226 (archived at https://perma.cc/VZ9B-X2EZ).  He was also interviewed on NBC a few days later on the same topic, https://www.nbcnews.com/now/video/why-new-york-is-repealing-its-ban-on-conversion-therapy-69272133609.

James Coleman recorded a podcast (with Ann Carlson) “Explainer Episode 1 – The Green New Deal” on “the Regulatory Transparency Project” (archived at https://perma.cc/NAN6-QGU2).  His op-ed, “Biden’s proposed ban would harm economy, environment”, was picked up in the Las Vegas Review Journal on Sept. 3, 2019.

Andy Davies and Pam Metzger at the Deason Center authored an op-ed tribute to Norman Lefstein (late Dean of IU McKinney School of Law), “Thou Shalt Not Ration Justice”, on the History News Network.

Jeff Kahn’s article, “Why a Judge’s Terrorism Watchlist Ruling is a Game Changer: What Happens Next”, was published in Just Security, a well-known national security law website (archived at https://perma.cc/RD9Y-HYB2).  He also gave two lectures in September at the University of Wisconsin Law School and at the Center for Russia, East Europe & Central Asia.  Both lectures, with different degrees of emphasis on the legal issues, discussed the relationship between Russia and the Council of Europe (in particular the European Court of Human Rights).  In addition, his article entitled “The Rule of Law Under Pressure: Russia and the European Human Rights System,” was published in volume 44:3 of the Review of Central and East European Law.  This is a special issue of the journal entitled “Rule of Law Revisited: Applying Law in Russia and Beyond,” for which he was guest editor with Professor Marianna Muravyeva of the Faculty of Law at the University of Helsinki.

Orly Mazur’s recent article Taxing Consumption in the Cloud, was published in the 95 Tax Notes International 1371 (Sept. 2019) (with Rifat Azam) https://www.taxnotes.com/tax-notes-international/value-added-tax/taxing-consumption-cloud/2019/09/30/29y88.  Her article,Cloudy with a Chance of Taxation”, (with Rifat Azam) was recently published in 22 Florida Tax Review 500 (2019) (https://scholar.smu.edu/law_faculty/590/) and also reviewed on TaxProf Blog (archived at https://perma.cc/QH5G-DB6Q).  Her article, “Taxing the Robots” was published in 46 Pepperdine Law Review 277 (2019) (https://scholar.smu.edu/law_faculty/370/) and was previously ranked in the top 5 most downloaded recent tax papers on SSRN.

Anna Offit’s article, Utfordringer ved komparative juryundersøkelser: Tilfellet Norge (Challenges of Comparative Jury Research: A Norwegian Case Study) (Tidsskrift for strafferett 2019) was published in the Criminal Justice Journal (https://scholar.smu.edu/law_faculty/588/)  Following is a summary: https://www.idunn.no/tidsskrift_for_strafferett/2019/01/utfordringer_ved_komparative_juryundersoekelser_tilfellet_n.

Beth Thornburg will be leading a breakout session at the Fifth Annual Civil Procedure Workshop at UT on Oct. 25-26.  Then on Nov. 1-2 she will be a member of the academic faculty for the Pound Civil Justice Institute’s 2019 Academic Symposium, “Class Actions, Mass Torts, and MDLs: The Next 50 Years” held at Lewis & Clark Law School.