2019 SMU Giving Day

One Day. For 24 hours on March 5.

SMU Giving Day

Show your support for Dedman Law initiatives through: Scholarship, Public Service stipends, and Board of Advocates!

SMU Giving Day

One day. For 24 hours on March 5, the entire SMU community will come together to give back and celebrate the causes we care about – supporting students, improving cities, educating teachers, fighting for justice, fueling champions – together, the possibilities are endless.

Show your support for law school initiatives!


24 Reasons to Support SMU Law School on #SMUOneDay

  1. Clinics
  2. Pop Up Clinics (Deason Criminal Justice Reform Center; Karnes Immigration Detention Center)
  3. Rowling Center
  4. Tsai Center
  5. Deason Center for Criminal Justice Reform
  6. APIL
  7. Scholarships
  8. Poverty Simulation
  9. Conversations with the Dean
  10. Alumni programming
  11. Global alumni network
  12. Mustang Exchange
  13. Career services programming
  14. Diversity programming
  15. Alternative career education
  16. Faculty research
  17. Extensive Course offerings
  18. Technology
  19. Inns of Court
  20. Wellness Programs
  21. SMU Law Library
  22. SMU Law Journals
  23. Oxford Summer Program
  24. Real World Career Advice