Deason Center weighs in on Sterling Brown

Statement from Pamela Metzger, Director of SMU’s Deason Center for Criminal Justice Reform, Regarding the Sterling Brown Video

The Deason Center for Criminal Justice Reform at SMU Dedman School of Law supports our friend and fellow SMU Mustang, Sterling Brown, in his quest for justice and change. The video of Sterling being verbally and physical abused, and subjected to a stun gun over a parking violation depicts the ugly reality of racial bias and discrimination that can exist in law enforcement.

Incidents like this one breach the trust between police and their communities.  They also tarnish the reputations of the many brave and honorable police officers, across the country, who serve their communities with dignity and fairness and in pursuit of equal justice for all. The Deason Center is committed to disrupting broken systems in criminal justice and engineering constructive new policies that restore justice, balance and compassion to law enforcement and criminal justice.
We proudly stand behind Sterling Brown and support him in his pursuit of justice and change.