Professor Marc Steinberg's latest in Securities Regulation and Litigation

Carolina Academic Press Announces the latest on
Securities Regulation and Litigation from
Professor Marc Steinberg

Seventh Edition
Marc I. Steinberg

2017 | 1334 pp | ISBN 978-1-5310-0143-8 | casebound | $189.00
Teacher's Manual

CAP is pleased to announce the publication of the Seventh Edition of Professor Marc Steinberg's seminal textbook, Securities Regulation. This text covers the key issues in both the basic course and seminars in a comprehensive and student-friendly manner. The text's coverage focuses on such important topics as securities registration, exemptions from registration, resales of securities, securities litigation, the securities attorney as the transactional lawyer, and government enforcement. The materials are presented in a clear manner for students, with the use of the problem method when appropriate to enhance student learning skills. 
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Law, Policy, and Practice
Marc I. Steinberg, Wendy Gerwick Couture, Michael J. Kaufman, Daniel J. Morrissey

2016 | 988 pp | ISBN 978-1-61163-575-1 | casebound | $130.00
Teacher’s Manual

Securities Litigation provides an analytical and practical framework addressing the key subjects in the field. In this text, U.S. Supreme Court and lower court cases that cover the key remedial provisions are highlighted, including Sections 11 and 12 of the Securities Act and Section 10(b) of the Securities Exchange Act, as well as alternative federal remedial statutes (such as Sections 14(a) and 18(a) of the 1934 Act) and secondary liability provisions. Integral to this discussion is a thorough treatment of class and derivative actions, with applicable cases and statutes.  Government enforcement is also analyzed, with particular focus being given to the SEC and criminal enforcement. In addition, state securities litigation is covered in depth along with professional liability exposure. The text provides a practical and insightful learning experience, complemented by problems and exercises that will enhance students' lawyering skills.
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Sixth Edition
Marc I. Steinberg

2014 | 572 pp | ISBN 978-1-42248-222-3 | paper | $49.00
Seventh Edition forthcoming 2018

This Understanding treatise follows a logical sequence of analysis of a securities issue. Steinberg begins by defining a security and registration exemptions, and then continues through the process for non-exempt transactions.  Understanding Securities Law clearly, thoroughly, and concisely addresses the subjects covered in basic Securities Regulation courses, and also includes a glossary of key terms; statutes; rules; regulations and forms and schedules; and comparative charts synopsizing previously discussed materials. 
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