Jinsung Lee LL.M. '88 inaugurated President of the Constitutional Court of Korea

On November 24, 2017, SMU Dedman School of Law alumnus Jinsung Lee (Int'l LL.M. '88) was inaugurated as the President of the Constitutional Court of Korea.  The Constitutional Court of Korea is the highest Judicial Institution in Korea whose mandates are to ensure the fundamental rights of the people and to protect the Constitution.

President Lee highlighted in his inaugural address that he would make effort to keep the Court unprejudiced and open-minded while urging the members of the Court to follow suit.  He also reaffirmed in his speech that the Constitutional Court belongs to the people.

On October 27, the South Korean President Jae-in Moon nominated SMU Dedman School of Law alum Jin-sung Lee (Int'l LL.M. '88) to be the Chief Justice of the Korean Constitutional Court. 
Justice Lee was previously appointed to the Korean Constitutional Court in 2012 as a Justice. The Korean Parliament will need to approve the Chief Justice nomination. President Moon’s earlier Chief Justice nominee was not approved by Parliament. Justice Lee’s six-year term on the Korean Constitutional Court will expire in September 2018.
The Korean Constitutional Court  is the highest court in Korea and played a major role in the March 2017 impeachment of the former Korean president Park Geun-hye.  Read more about the significance of that event in Korean political history.  
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