Professor Maureen Armour Retires

May 2017
The year will end on different note than it has in the past when Civil Clinic Director, Associate Professor Maureen Armour retires after 25 years.  Her impact on the clinical program, together with her fierce advocacy on behalf of clients and students cannot be understated.  On March 22nd, she delivered a “Last Lecture” to a standing-room only crowd of current and former students, faculty, lawyers, judges and other members of Dallas’ legal community.  As she talked about her 25 Years in the Basement (of Storey Hall), Professor Armour, with her “tell it like it is, no holds barred style,” showed all who attended why whether she’s litigating a civil rights case against the Dallas County Jail, obtaining damages from a psychic who deceived a client, or helping tenants remain in their homes, Professor Armour has been the face (and sometimes “salty” voice) of the entire clinic program.  It won’t be the same without her.