Prof. Dale Carpenter - Recent news and opinion stories

Dale Carpenter has recently provided commentary in recent news interviews and opinion stories in the Wall Street Journal, Texas Tribune, Washington Post, and Fox Business on August 15th  and 16th and on 30 public radio stations across Texas today.

The Man Behind the Lee Statue Restraining Order Signed Court Complaint Without Reading it

Tech Firms Break From the Hands-Off Approach with Bans on White Supremacists

Hey, Texplainer:  Texas A&M officials canceled a “White Lives Matter” rally.  Are they allowed to do that?

OP-Ed:  Free speech and White Supremacy at Texas A&M (and elsewhere)

Tech Firms Ban White Supremacists, Shifting from Hands-off Policy - Update

Interview that appeared on 30 public radio stations across Texas yesterday.

How Far Does First Amendment Free Speech Protection Go?