Faculty in the News for January 2022

Martin Camp

Martin Camp
Professor of Practice and Assistant Dean for Graduate and International Programs

Professor Camp was elected Chair of the International Section of the Dallas Bar Association for 2022.


Anthony J Colagelo
Anthony J. Colangelo
Robert G. Storey Distinguished Faculty Fellow and Professor of Law

Professor Colangelo published a syndicated op-ed piece on abortion in the Washington Examiner on December 4th


Oryl Mazur
Orly Mazur
Associate Professor of Law

Professor Mazur co-authored the article, Digital Taxation and the State Income Tax, which was published in Tax Notes State (102 Tax Notes State 635 (Nov. 2021). Orly was invited to present her article, Can Blockchain Revolutionize Tax Administration?, at the Tax Economists Forum in November. She also recently discussed blockchain’s potential effects on tax administration on the Broadcast Retirement Network.


Seema Mohapatra
Murray Visiting Professor of Law 

Professor Mohapatra wrote an article for MS Magazine on December 15th titled The Supreme Court Revealed a Lack of Respect for Precedent and Women’s Health—And It Won’t Stop There.


Anna Offit
Assistant Professor of Law

Professor Offit and her cohorts on the Temple Emanu-El Code of Ethics Taskforce created an ethics reform recommendation document which was presented to the Dallas City Council.  The recommendations were passed unanimously by the Dallas City Council on December 8th, 2021.


Carla L. Reyes
Assistant Professor of Law

Professor Reyes was appointed an Associate Research Director of the Permanent Editorial Board of the Uniform Commercial Code. In that capacity, Carla and her co-Associate Research Director, University of Pennsylvania’s Andrea Tosato, will assist in the compilation of a ULC/ALI official text of the UCC, draft PEB commentaries, and monitor significant commercial law developments for clarification by the PEB, working alongside commercial law expert and Brooklyn Law Professor Neil Cohen, the current Research Director of the PEB. Her article Creating Cryptolaw for the Uniform Commercial Code was published in the Washington & Lee Law Review. Carla was elected to the position of Board Member of the Executive Boards of the AALS Section on Scholarship, and as of the AALS 2022 meeting, Carla also begins her year of service as the Chair of AALS Section on Agency, Partnerships, LLCs and Unincorporated Associations. Carla participated in the fourth meeting of the UNIDROIT Work Group on Best Practice for Effective Enforcement on December 1, 2021. On December 2nd, 2021, Carla presented her paper Autonomous Corporate Personhood, forthcoming in the Washington Law Review, at the University of Texas School of Law. Carla provided expert commentary at the meetings of the Wyoming Select Committee on Blockchain and Financial Technology on December 9th and 10th, 2021, related to the topics of UCC Article 12, decentralized digital identity, and legally recognized decentralized autonomous organizations. On December 14th, 2021, Carla presented Autonomous Corporate Personhood as part of the University of Zurich’s Blockchain Center Lecture Series.


Julie P. Forrester
Julie Rogers
Professor of Law

Professor Rogers spoke on “Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Laws” at the American College of Mortgage Attorneys Annual Meeting in September. Opportunity to purchase laws require owners of affordable housing to provide notice and an opportunity to purchase to tenants, tenants’ associations, non-profit housing organizations, and/or governmental units before taking actions that will result in the loss of affordable housing. Julie also has completed a first draft of the Uniform Law Commission Mortgage Modifications Act in connection with her position as the reporter for the ULC Mortgage Modifications Drafting Committee. The draft was distributed to the committee for discussion and comments at the committee’s first meeting in December.


Eric Ruben
Assistant Professor of Law

Professor Ruben was interviewed for Manslaughter charges against Michigan shooter's parents break new legal ground, Brendan Pierson, December 6th, Reuters.


Marc I. Steinberg
Marc I. Steinberg
Rupert and Lillian Radford Chair in Law and Professor of Law

Professor Steinberg authored a chapter entitled “The Abysmal State of Insider Trading Law in the United States” in Festschrift fur Werner F. Ebke -- German, European, and Comparative Business Law 949 (C.H. Beck Verlag 2021).  On December 15th, Marc was quoted in a Washington Post article by Douglas MacMillan and Julia Ingram titled Elizabeth Warren Asks SEC to Investigate Compensation at Fossil Fuel Giants.  On December 16th, Marc was quoted in the New York Times Dealbook on the SEC's proposed amendments to Rule 10b5-1 insider trading plans.  On December 22nd, Samuel Wolff, a prominent global securities law expert, wrote a book review in the New York Law Journal on Marc's recent book Rethinking Securities Law, stating:  "Professor Marc Steinberg's new book, "Rethinking Securities Law," published by Oxford University Press, is a major contribution to the literature on United States securities regulation. It is safe to say that in terms of a comprehensive, policy-oriented analysis of the entire field of U.S. securities law, there is no book quite like it.  Steinberg's book was recently recognized as the best law book of 2021 by American Book Fest.... The book could only be written by a scholar steeped in this complex discipline and who has significant, highly relevant public and private sector experience....  There may be few individuals in the U.S. who are as  knowledgeable about securities law as is Steinberg.... [T]here is no doubt that Steinberg has given policy-makers and others involved in securities law development much to think about.  Steinberg pulled together massive amounts of complex material based upon his distinguished career and vast experience in securities law.  The book will be studied for years to come.  Steinberg is to be commended for writing this excellent, thought provoking book."