2019-2020 Faculty Scholarship

Hillel BavilHillel Bavli
Assistant Professor of Law


Causal Sets in Antidiscrimination Law, 106 Iowa Law Review (forthcoming 2021).
Counterfactual Causation, 51 Arizona State Law Journal 879 (2019).

Lackland H BloomLackland H. Bloom, Jr.
Larry and Jane Harlan Senior Research Fellow and Professor of Law


“Lawyers’ Work”: Does the Supreme Court Have a Legitimacy Crisis?St. Mary’s Law Journal (forthcoming 2020-2021).

Dale CarpenterDale Carpenter
Judge William Hawley Atwell Chair of Constitutional Law and Professor of Law


Born in Dissent: Free Speech and Gay Rights, 72 SMU Law Review 375 (2019).

Anthony J Colagelo

Anthony J. Colangelo
Robert G. Storey Distinguished Faculty Fellow and Professor of Law


An International Approach to Maritime Conflicts of Law63 Arizona Law Review (forthcoming 2020).

James W Coleman

James W. Coleman
Associate Professor of Law


Matching Commitments: A New Approach to Regulation of the Commons, in THE LAW AND ECONOMICS OF REGULATION (Klaus Mathis ed., forthcoming 2020).

Reforming the Jones Act for American Energy Consumers, in THE CASE AGAINST THE JONES ACT (Colin Grabow & Inu Manak eds., Cato Institute 2020).


State Energy Cartels, 42 Cardozo Law Review (forthcoming 2021).

The New Oil and Gas Governance, 130 Yale Law Journal Forum 51 (2020) (with Tara K. Righetti & Hannah J. Wiseman).

The Third Age of Oil and Gas Law, 95 Indiana Law Journal 389 (2020).

Energy and Eminent Domain, 104 Minnesota Law Review 659 (2019) (with Alexandra B. Klass).


Nathan Cortez

Adelfa Botello Callejo Endowed Professor of Law in Leadership and Latino Studies


READINGS IN COMPARATIVE HEALTH LAW AND BIOETHICS (Carolina Academic Press 3d ed. 2020) (co-editor with I. Glenn Cohen & Timothy Stoltzfus Jost). 


A “DESI” for Devices? Can an Experiment in Pharmaceutical Regulation from the 1960s Improve the FDA’s Oversight of Medical Devices?, in THE FUTURE OF MEDICAL DEVICE REGULATION:  INNOVATION AND PROTECTION (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2021) (with Matthew Herder).


Digital Health and Regulatory Experimentation at the FDA, 18 Yale Journal of Health Policy, Law, and Ethics & 21 Yale Journal of Law & Technology (2020) (joint issue) (symposium).

A Black Box for Patient Safety?, 68 DePaul Law Review 239 (2019) (symposium).

Information Mischief under the Trump Administration, 94 Chicago-Kent Law Review 315 (2019) (symposium) (reviewed by Helen Norton, The Uses and Abuses of the Government’s Tools of Information Control, Jotwell (Oct. 7, 2019)).

William V. DorseneoWilliam V. Dorsaneo, III

Chief Justice John and Lena Hickman Distinguished Faculty Fellow and Professor of Law


CASES AND MATERIALS ON CIVIL PROCEDURE (Carolina Academic Press 7th ed. 2019) with David Crump, Kevin O. Leske, Keith W. Rizzardi, Rex R. Perschbacher & Debra Lyn Bassett).

2020 supplement to CASES AND MATERIALS ON CIVIL PROCEDURE (Carolina Academic Press 7th ed. 2019) with David Crump, Kevin O. Leske, Keith W. Rizzardi, Rex R. Perschbacher & Debra Lyn Bassett).

2019 and 2020 quarterly supplements to TEXAS LITIGATION GUIDE (LexisNexis 2019-2020).


Beverly C. DureusBeverly C. Dureus

Clinical Professor of Legal Research, Writing and Advocacy


LESSONS FROM SUCCESSFUL AFRICAN AMERICAN LAWYERS:  PRACTICAL WISDOM FOR THOSE ON THE PATH TO LAWYERHOOD (Volume 1) (Evangeline M. Mitchell ed., Hope’s Promise Publishing LLC 2020) (contributing author).

Joanna L. Grossman

Joanna L. Grossman

Ellen K. Solender Endowed Chair in Women and the Law and Professor of Law


GENDER LAW AND POLICY (Wolters Kluwer 3d ed. 2020) (with Katharine T. Bartlett, Deborah L. Rhode, & Deborah L. Brake).

FAMILY LAW IN A CHANGING AMERICA (Wolters Kluwer 2020) (with Douglas NeJaime, Richard Banks, & Suzanne Kim).

GENDER AND LAW:  THEORY, DOCTRINE, COMMENTARY (Wolters Kluwer 8th ed. 2020) (with Katharine T. Bartlett, Deborah L. Rhode, & Deborah L. Brake).  


Gender Bias and the Lawin ADDRESSING GENDER BIAS IN SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY (Samina Azad ed., forthcoming ).

After the Vote: Continuing the Struggle for Women’s Social, Legal, and Political Equality, in SUFFRAGE AND ITS LIMITS:  THE NEW YORK STORY49 (Kathleen M. Dowley, Susan Ingalls Lewis, & Meg Devlin O’Sullivan eds., SUNY Press 2020) (with Meg Devlin O’Sullivan & Julie A. Gallagher).


Book Review,125 The American Historical Review 979 (2020) (reviewing Kirsten Swinth, Feminism’s Forgotten Fight: The Unfinished Struggle for Work and Family (2018)).

Women are (Allegedly) People, Too, 114 Northwestern University Law Review Online 149 (2019) (symposium).  

The Seeds of Early Childhood, 71 Florida Law Review Forum 117 (2019) (symposium).  


Brief for Constitutional Law Scholars as Amici Curiae Supporting Petitioners, June Medical Services LLC v. Gee, No. 18-1323 (U.S. Sup. Ct. 2019) (co-signatory).


Christopher H. HannaChristopher H. Hanna

Alan D. Feld Endowed Professor of Law and Altshuler Distinguished Teaching Professor


CORPORATE INCOME TAX ACCOUNTING (Warren Gorham & Lamont 14th ed. 2020) (lead co-author with Paul H. Yong & Cym H. Lowell).


The Future of FDII – the Biden Tax Plan, 20 Baker McKenzie Newsletter No. 8 (August 2020) (with Joshua D. Odintz & Alexandra Minkovich).

Legislative and Regulatory Update: Should We Brace Ourselves For a Busy August?, 20 Baker McKenzie Newsletter No. 7 (July 2020) (with Joshua D. Odintz & Alexandra Minkovich).

Congress, Treasury, Paycheck Protection Program and Employee Retention Credit, 20 Baker McKenzie Newsletter No. 6 (June 2020) (with Josh Odintz, Alexandra Minkovich, Amanda Swartz, & Matt Mauney).

CARES Act and ASC 740, 20 Baker McKenzie Newsletter No. 5 (May 2020) (with Matt Nochowitz).

Foreign-Derived Intangible Income (FDII) -- The Great Tax Benefit Overlooked by Some and Maximized by Others, 20 Baker McKenzie Newsletter No. 3 (March 2020) (with Josh Odintz).

Don’t Mess with the DA!, 20 Baker McKenzie Newsletter No. 1 (January 2020) (with Mary Bennett, Josh Odintz, Alexandra Minkovich, Kathryn Rimpfel, & Imke Gerdes).

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and Permanent Differences (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love FDII), 19 Baker McKenzie Newsletter No. 12 (December 2019) (with Josh Odintz). 

A Preview of Treasury’s Approach to the Digitalized Economy?, 19 Baker McKenzie Newsletter No. 9 (Sept. 2019) (with Joshua Odintz & Alexandra Minkovich).

The Aggregate Approach to Partnerships – (Almost) Always the Right Result? 19 Baker McKenzie Newsletter No. 7 (July 2019).

Digital Services Taxes – Is It the Revenue?, 19 Baker McKenzie Newsletter No. 6 (June 2019).

U.S. Tax and Transfer Pricing DevelopmentsSozei Kenkyu [Journal of Taxation Studies] (2019) (with Richard L. Slowinski) (in Japanese).


Grant M. HaydenGrant M. Hayden

Professor of Law


RECONSTRUCTING THE CORPORATION:  FROM SHAREHOLDER PRIMACY TO SHARED GOVERNANCE (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2020) (with Matthew T. Bodie).


Codetermination in Theory and Practice, 73 Florida Law Review (forthcoming 2021) (with Matthew T. Bodie).

The Corporation Reborn: From Shareholder Primacy to Shared Governance, 61 Boston College Law Review (forthcoming 2020) (with Matthew T. Bodie).


Lolita Buckner Inniss Lolita Buckner Inniss

Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, University Distinguished Professor, Robert G. Storey Distinguished Faculty Fellow, and Professor of Law


The Lucky Law Professor and the Eucatastrophic Moment, in PRESUMED INCOMPETENT II:  RACE, CLASS, POWER, AND RESISTANCE OF WOMEN IN ACADEMIA (Yolanda Flores Niemann, Gabriella Gutiérrez y Muhs, & Carmen G. Gonzalez eds., University Press of Colorado 2020) (invited contribution).


“While the Water is Stirring”: Sojourner Truth as Proto-agonist in the Fight for (Black) Women’s Rights, 100 Boston University Law Review (forthcoming 2020) (symposium).

Race, Space, and Surveillance: A Response to #LivingWhileBlack: Blackness as Nuisance, 69 American University Law Review Forum 213 (2020).

Essay, (Un)Common Law and the Female Body, 61 Boston College Law ReviewElectronic Supplement I.-95 (2020) (symposium). 

Talking about Black Lives Matter and #Metoo, 34 Wisconsin Journal of Law, Gender & Society 109 (2019) (with Linda S. Greene, Bridget J. Crawford, Mehrsa Baradaran, Noa Ben-Asher, I. Bennett Capers, Osamudia R. James, & Keisha Lindsay).

Chris Jenks

Director of the Criminal Clinic and Associate Professor of Law


Animals as Weapons, in THE PROTECTION OF ANIMALS IN WARTIME (Max Planck Institute, forthcoming 2021).

Autonomous Weapons, in CHANGE IN THE INTERNATIONAL LEGAL ORDER (American Branch of the International Law Association, forthcoming 2021).


Jeffrey KahnJeffrey Kahn

University Distinguished Professor, Robert G. Storey Distinguished Faculty Fellow, Altshuler Distinguished Teaching Professor, and Professor of Law


NATIONAL SECURITY LAW AND THE CONSTITUTION (Wolters Kluwer 2d ed., forthcoming 2021) (with Geoffrey S. Corn, Jimmy Gurulé, & Gary Corn).


Russia, the Council of Europe, and “Ruxit,” or Why Non-Democratic  Illiberal Regimes Join International Organizations, 67 Problems of Post-Communism 64 (2020) (with Irina Busygina).

The Relationship between the European Court of Human Rights and the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation: Conflicting Conceptions of Sovereignty in Strasbourg and St Petersburg, 30 European Journal of International Law 933 (2019).

The Rule of Law Under Pressure: Russia and the European Human Rights System, 44 Review of Central and East European Law 275 (2019) (special issue) (co-guest editor).


Brief of Amicus Curiae in Support of Plaintiffs-Appellees, Elhady v. Kable, Nos. 20-1119, 20-1311 (4th Cir. 2020).

Brief of Amicus Curiae in Support of Respondents, Tanzin v. Tanvir, No. 19-71 (U.S. Sup. Ct. 2020).

Third Party Intervention of the European Human Rights Advocacy Centre (EHRAC) and Professor Jeffrey Kahn, Navalnyy and Ofitserov v. Russia, App. No. 78193/17, (Eur. Ct. H.R. 2020).

Conflicting Conceptions of Sovereignty: A Response to Professor Blankenagel, EJIL: TALK! (January, 28, 2020).

Why a Judge’s Terrorism Watchlist Ruling is a Game Changer: What Happens Next, Just Security (September 9, 2019).


John S. LoweJohn S. Lowe

George W. Hutchison Chair in Energy Law and Professor of Law


INTERNATIONAL PETROLEUM TRANSACTIONS (Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation 4th ed., forthcoming 2020) (with Owen Anderson, John Dzienkowski, Jacqueline Weaver, Keith Hall, Freddy Sourgens, & Harry Sullivan).

2020 annual cumulative pocket parts for KUNTZ, A TREATISE ON THE LAW OF OIL AND GAS (Anderson Publishing 2020) (with Owen L. Anderson & David E. Pierce).


The Legal Character of Petroleum Licenses in the United States, in THE CHARACTER OF PETROLEUM LICENSES:  A LEGAL CULTURE ANALYSIS (Tina Soliman Hunter, Jorn Oyrehagen Sunde, & Ernst Nordtveit eds., Edward Elgar Publishing, forthcoming 2020).


John A. MartinezGeorge A. Martinez

Professor of Law


Law, Race, and the Epistemology of Ignorance, 17 Hastings Race and Poverty Law Journal 507 (2020).


Thomas WM MayoThomas Wm. Mayo

Altshuler Distinguished Teaching Professor and Professor of Law


Foreword: Cruzan and the “Right to Die, 73 SMU Law Review 3 (2020).

Foreword, 73 SMU Law Review Forum 23 (2020) (Collection: Foundational Voices in 2020 and Beyond). 

“To Shield Thee From Diseases of the World”: The Past, Present, and Possible Future of  Immunization Policy, 13 Journal of Health & Life Sciences Law 3 (2020) (with Wendi Campbell Rogaliner & Elicia Grilley Green).


Oryl MazurOrly Mazur

Associate Professor of Law


Book Review of Xavier Oberson, Taxing Robots: Helping the Economy to Adapt to the Use of Artificial Intelligence, Journal of the American Taxation Association(forthcoming 2020).


Professor Pam MetzgerPamela R. Metzger

Director of the Deason Criminal Justice Reform Center and Professor of Law


BIG IDEAS IN CRIMINAL JUSTICE REFORM (NYU Press, forthcoming 2021) (co-editor with Jon Gould). 


Epilogue, in BIG IDEAS IN CRIMINAL JUSTICE REFORM (Pamela R. Metzger & Jon Gould eds., NYU Press, forthcoming 2021).

Rural Criminal Justice Reformin BIG IDEAS IN CRIMINAL JUSTICE REFORM (Pamela R. Metzger & Jon Gould eds., NYU Press, forthcoming 2021).


Criminal (Dis)Appearance, 88 George Washington Law Review 392 (2020) (with Janet C. Hoeffel).


Natalie Nanasi
Director of the Judge Elmo B. Hunter Legal Center for Victims of Crimes Against Women and Assistant Professor of Law


Commentary: Matter of A-B-, 27 I&N Dec. 316 (A.G. 2018)in FEMINIST JUDGMENTS:  FAMILY LAW OPINIONS REWRITTEN 360 (Rachel Rebouche ed., Cambridge University Press 2020).


Death of the Particular Social GroupNew York University Review of Law & Social Change (forthcoming 2021).

Disarming Domestic AbusersHarvard Law & Policy Review (forthcoming 2020). 

Evidence for the Link Between Patriarchy and Intimate Partner Violence: Applications to Women’s Asylum Claims (with Dr. Dan Saunders, Dr. Tina Jiwatram-Negrón, & Iris Cardenas) (forthcoming).


Anna Offit

Assistant Professor of Law


Race-Conscious Jury Selection After BatsonOhio State Law Journal (forthcoming 2021).

Essay, The Cultural Logic of Legal Collaboration: Enduring Lessons from HopewellPoLAR: The Political and Legal Anthropology Review (2020).

Utfordringer ved komparative juryundersøkelser: Tilfellet Norge [Challenges of Comparative Jury Studies: The Norwegian Case], Tidsskrift for strafferett (2019). 


Storied Justice: The Narrative Strategies of U.S. Federal Prosecutorsin THE EMERALD HANDBOOK OF NARRATIVE CRIMINOLOGY(Jennifer Fleetwood, Lois Presser, Sveinung Sandberg and Thomas Ugelvik eds., Emerald Publishing Limited 2019).


Carla L. Reyes

Assistant Professor of Law


Essay, A Unified Theory of Code-Connected ContractsJournal of Corporate Law (forthcoming 2021).

Autonomous Business Reality, 21 Nevada Law Journal (forthcoming 2020).

Digging into Algorithms: Legal Ethics and Legal Access, 21 Nevada Law Journal (forthcoming 2020) (with Jeff Ward).

(Un)Corporate Crypto-Governance, 88 Fordham Law Review 1875 (2020).


Keith W. RobinsonKeith Robinson

Altshuler Distinguished Teaching Professor, Co-Director of the Tsai Center for Law, Science and Innovation and Associate Professor of Law


Access to the Patent SystemNevada Law Journal (forthcoming).

Julie P. ForresterJulie Forrester Rogers

Professor of Law


Report for JOINT EDITORIAL BOARD FOR UNIFORM REAL PROPERTY ACTS, Powers of Attorney in REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS (Nov. 1, 2019) (resulting in amendments to the Prefatory Note and Official Comments to the Uniform Power of Attorney Act).


C Paul RogersC. Paul Rogers III

Marilyn Jeanne Johnson Distinguished Faculty Fellow and Professor of Law and Former Dean


ANTITRUST LAW:  POLICY AND PRACTICE (Carolina Academic Press 5th ed. 2020) (with William R. Andersen) (with Teacher’s Manual).


Vicki Palacios – An Appreciation, 73 SMU Law Review (forthcoming 2020).

A Tribute to Peter Winship – Academic Lawyer Par Excellence, 73 SMU Law Review (forthcoming 2020). 


Eric Ruben

Assistant Professor of Law


Antitrust Law:  Policy and Practice, 108 California Law Review 63 (2020).


Meghan J. RyanMeghan J. Ryan

Associate Dean for Research, Altshuler Distinguished Teaching Professor, and Professor of Law


THE EIGHTH AMENDMENT AND ITS FUTURE IN A NEW AGE OF PUNISHMENT (Cambridge University Press 2020) (co-editor with William W. Berry III). 


Eighth Amendment Valuesin THE EIGHTH AMENDMENT AND ITS FUTURE IN A NEW AGE OF PUNISHMENT 61 (Meghan J. Ryan & William W. Berry III eds., Cambridge University Press 2020) (with William W. Berry III).

Science Under the Eighth Amendmentin THE EIGHTH AMENDMENT AND ITS FUTURE IN A NEW AGE OF PUNISHMENT 299 (Meghan J. Ryan & William W. Berry III eds., Cambridge University Press 2020).


Secret Algorithms, IP Rights, and the Public InterestNevada Law Journal (forthcoming 2020).  

Escaping the Fingerprint Crisis: A Blueprint for Essential Research, 2020 University of Illinois Law Review 763 (2020). 

Secret Conviction Programs, 77 Washington and Lee Law Review 269 (2020).


Mary SpectorMary Spector

Associate Dean for Clinics, Director of the Civil/Consumer Clinic and Professor of Law

Presentation, Cancellation of Consumer Transactions, 14th Annual Advanced Consumer & Commercial Law Course, State Bar of Texas, Austin, TX, September 2019

Co-authored the following two proposals approved by the Civil Justice Committee of the Texas Judicial Council and adopted by the Judicial Council in its September 23, 2020, Report and Recommendations.

Member advising the Supreme Court of Texas in connection with the entry of the Tenth and Fourteenth Emergency Orders Regarding the COVID-19 State of Disaster, Misc. Docket No. 20-9054 (Apr. 9, 2020) and Misc. Docket No. 20-9061 (Apr. 29, 2020) respectively (placing limits on litigation to collect consumer debts, including pausing the entry of default judgments and service of writs of garnishment), and the Sixteenth Emergency Order, Misc. Docket No. 20-9067 (May 14, 2020) (providing expedited process for the protection of stimulus funds received under the CARES Act in connection with collection of consumer debts).

Observer, Uniform Law Commission, Debt Collection Default Judgments Committee, Fall 2020.


Marc I. SteinbergMarc I. Steinberg

Rupert and Lillian Radford Professor of Law




INSIDE COUNSEL:  PRACTICES, STRATEGIES, AND INSIGHTS (West Academic 2d ed. 2020) (with Stephen B. Yeager).

BUSINESS ENTERPRISES:  LEGAL STRUCTURES, GOVERNANCE, AND POLICY (Carolina Academic Press 4th ed. 2020) (with Douglas M. Branson, Joan MacLeod Heminway, Mark J. Loewenstein, & Manning Gilbert Warren III).

2020 supplement to SECURITIES REGULATIONS (Carolina Academic Press 2020).

2020 supplement to SECURITIES LITIGATION:  LAW, POLICY, AND PRACTICE (Carolina Academic Press 2020) (with Wendy Gerwick Couture, Michael J. Kaufman, & Daniel J. Morrissey).



Corporate Lawyers: Ethical and Practical Lawyering with Vanishing Gatekeeper Liability, 88 Fordham Law Review 1575 (2020).

The SEC's Proposed Amendments to the Accredited Investor Definition: Slighting Investor Protection Priorities, 48 Securities Regulation Law Journal 73 (2020).

The 2019 William Marshall Bullitt Lecture: Insider Trading — SEC v. Mark Cuban — A Litigation Saga, 58 University of Louisville Law Review 1 (2019).


Joshua C. TateJoshua C. Tate

Professor of Law




David O. TaylorDavid O. Taylor

Robert G. Storey Distinguished Faculty Fellow, Co-Director of the Tsai Center for Law, Science and Innovation and Professor of Law


Utility, in PATENT LAW:  CASES AND MATERIALS(Mark D. Janis ed., LawCarta, Forthcoming 2020).

Reasonable Royalties, in PATENT REMEDIES AND COMPLEX PRODUCTS:  TOWARD A GLOBAL CONSENSUS 6 (C. Bradford Biddle et al. eds., Cambridge University Press 2019) (co-author).

Injunctive Relief, in PATENT REMEDIES AND COMPLEX PRODUCTS:  TOWARD A GLOBAL CONSENSUS 115 (C. Bradford Biddle et al. eds., Cambridge University Press 2019) (co-author).


Immoral PatentsMississippi Law Journal (forthcoming).

Patent Eligibility and Investment, 41 Cardozo Law Review 2019 (2020).

Patent Reform, Then and Now, 2019 Michigan State Law Review 431 (2019).

The Crisis of Patent Eligibility in America, Criterion Journal on Innovation 733 (2019).


The State of Patent Eligibility in America: Testimony of David O. Taylor before the United States Senate Judiciary Committee, Subcommittee on Intellectual Property, SMU Dedman School of Law Legal Studies Research Paper No. 427 (2019).

The State of Patent Eligibility in America: Answers to Written Questions for the Record of David O. Taylor before the United States Senate Judiciary Committee, Subcommittee on Intellectual Property, SMU Dedman School of Law Legal Studies Research Paper No. 447 (2019).

Guest Post on Patent Eligibility and Investment: A Survey, Patently-O Blog (March 6, 2019).


Jenia Iontcheva TurnerJenia Iontcheva Turner

Robert G. Storey Distinguished Faculty Fellow, Gerald J. Ford Research Fellow, and Amy Abboud Ware Centennial Professor in Criminal Law


2020 supplement to CRIMINAL PROCEDURES:  CASES, STATUTES, AND EXECUTIVE MATERIALS (Marc L. Miller, Ronald F. Wright, Jenia I. Turner, Kay L. Levine eds., Wolters Kluwer 2020). 


Fair Trial or Efficient Administration of Justice? Trends in Modern Criminal Procedurein THE FUTURE OF CRIMINAL LAW (Elisa Hoven & Michael Kubiciel eds., Nomos 2020).

Defense Perspectives on Fairness and Efficiency at the International Criminal Court, in THE OXFORD HANDBOOK OF INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL LAW (Kevin Jon Heller, Frederic Megret, Sarah MH Nouwen, Jens David Ohlin, & Darryl Robinson eds., Oxford University Press 2020). 

Negotiated Case Dispositions in Germany, England, and the United Statesin 1 CORE CONCEMPTS IN CRIMINAL LAW AND CRIMINAL JUSTICE 389 (Kai Ambos, Antony Duff, Julian Roberts, & Thomas Weigend eds., Cambridge University Press 2019) (with Thomas Weigend). 


Transparency in Plea Bargaining, 96 Notre Dame Law Review (forthcoming 2020).


Jessica Dixon WeaverJessica Dixon Weaver

Robert G. Storey Distinguished Faculty Fellow, Gerald J. Ford Research Fellow, and Associate Professor of Law


ADOPTION LAW:  THEORY, POLICY & PRACTICE (William S. Hein, Co., Inc. 3d ed., forthcoming 2021) (with Barbara Bennett Woodhouse).

FAMILY LAW SIMULATIONS:  BRIDGE TO PRACTICE (West Academic, forthcoming 2021).

2020 supplement to CONTEMPORARY FAMILY LAW (West Academic 2020) (with Douglas E. Abrams, Naomi R. Cahn, Catherine J. Ross, & Linda C. McClain).


Legislative Solutions to Address Disproportionality and Disparitiesin RACIAL DISPROPORTIONALITY AND DISPARITIES IN THE CHILD WELFARE SYSTEM (Alan J. Dettlaff ed., Springer, forthcoming 2020).

Intersectionality and Children’s Rights, in THE OXFORD HANDBOOK OF CHILDREN'S RIGHTS LAW (Jonathan Todres & Shani M. King eds., Oxford University Press 2020).

Judgment: DeShaney v. Winnebago County Department of Social Services, 489 U.S. 189 (1989), in FEMINIST JUDGMENTS:  FAMILY LAW OPINIONS REWRITTEN (Rachel Rebouche ed., Cambridge University Press 2020).


The Perfect Storm: Coronavirus and the Elder Catch (forthcoming 2021).