Papers for review

Colloquium (Part II)
Papers for Review

The research papers of the various presenters and of other attendees of this Colloquium (Part II) are posted here for review.  The conference organizers will be arranging for publication of various of the papers in SMU Dedman School of Law's three international journals: The International Lawyer, Law and Business Review of the Americas, and Science and Technology Journal, and possibly otherwise.


Submissions Listing


Panel I: Financial regulation and financial crises

Twenty years of International Financial Crises:  What Have We Learned, What Still Needs to be Done?
Professors Ross P. Buckley, Douglas W. Arner & Emilios Avgouleas

Financial Market Infrastructure and Systemic Stability - The (not so) New Kid on the Block
Professor Jens Binder 


Panel II:  Technology and the Future of Finance and its Regulation

Financial Technology (FinTech):  Social Benefit and Legal and Regulatory Challenge
Professor George A. Walker

FinTech, RegTech and the Reconceptualization of Financial Regulation
Professors Douglas W. Arner and Ross P. Buckley

De-Risking To A Fault:  After Oblivion Then What?
Professor Christopher P. Malcolm

Panel III:  The Changing Nature of Money

Morality, Banking and the Law of Money
Dr. Gerald N. Olsen

Difficulties of Brazil's Economic Development in a Globalized World:  Has Brazil Fallen Into a Trap?
Professor Rodrigo Dardeau Vieira