Colloquium (Part I)



On May 6, 2016, the postgraduate Centre for Commercial Law Studies (CCLS) at the University of London held a conference on “Innovations in Financial Law and Systems” in honor of our Professor Joe Norton, the James L. Walsh Distinguished Faculty Fellow and Professor in Financial Institutions Law.

From 1988-2004, Professor Norton held a joint appointment at the CCLS, serving as the Sir John Lubbock Professor of Law at the University of London. In this capacity, Professor Norton established an international financial law unit (IFLU) responsible for LL.M and Ph.D. candidates pursuing postgraduate studies in international banking and financial law. He oversaw the creation of a comprehensive LL.M. curriculum in banking and financial law that was open to all postgraduate students at the various London Colleges: at the time of his leaving London to return full-time to SMU in 2005, over 200 LL.M. students from over ninety countries were annually taking this concentration.

Further, during his tenure at the IFLU, sixty doctoral students from 29 countries successfully completed their doctorates, of which Professor Norton personally supervised 32 of such students and provided an array of publication vehicles to assist the CCLS doctoral students and young academic staff. These doctoral student and staff organized the May 6th event. Attendees included 60 former London students and colleagues of Professor Norton, now at 21 law faculties from every continent (except Antarctica) and at various international organizations such as the IMF, World Bank, and OECD, domestic governmental authorities and major law firms. Chairs of the conference sessions included the Senior Economic Professor at the LSE and two UK High Court Justices, with whom Professor Norton taught.

Following the conference, a Dinner was held at the Great Library at the Reform Club, Pall Mall. Professor Norton was presented with a hard-bound copy of a “Book of Good Wishes”; a dedicated festschrift volume on “Reconceptualising Global Finance and its Regulation” published by Cambridge University Press; and a confirmance as an “Honorary Professor” at the CCLS-London. A group of Professor Norton’s students and colleagues who were unable to attend the London Event are planning a further conference at SMU in early May 2017.

Professor Norton has been actively involved with our Law School’s graduate program since the 1970s having taught over 1000 of our own international LL.M. students and supervising 14 of our SJD students. Also, during 1998-2001, he served as the Vice Chancellor’s Distinguished Professor of Financial Law at the University of Hong Kong, where he established the Asian Institute of International Financial Law and its LLM and postgraduate research program in financial law.