Lutie A. Lytle Host

Lolita Buckner Inniss Jessica Dixon Weaver


Professor of Law and
Robert G. Storey Distinguished Faculty Fellow


Associate Professor of Law

On behalf of Southern Methodist University and its Dedman School of Law, we join with our PROVOST STEVEN C. CURRALL and our DEAN JENNIFER M. COLLINS to bid you a warm welcome to Dallas and to the the 12th Annual Lutie A. Black Women Law Faculty Workshop and Writing Retreat. It is a tremendous pleasure and an honor to host such an impressive group of scholars. You come from all over the United States, and beyond in a few instances, and your scholarship and teaching range throughout the law school curriculum. Some of you are brand new to the profession of legal scholarship and teaching; others of you are seasoned professionals. All of you are integral parts of the Lutie Lytle enterprise.
The theme of this year’s program is Leadership and Legacy. Leadership is the ability to motivate others to coalesce to achieve a common goal or vision.  Leadership is often thought of as a trait emblematic of a single individual. However, the best leaders are those who understand that leadership is a plural enterprise that requires recognizing and employing the talents of all members of the group. These group members then come together to form a leadership matrix: a structure that provides mutual support and promotes relationships on all sides, promotes knowledge exchange, and builds new networks both within and outside of the organization. Legacy is the instrumental history of an organization: it is the heritage of values that is nourished and passed on to others.  We at the Lutie A. Lytle collective embrace our legacy of sisterhood, service, and scholarship. 
This year’s program is a culmination of leadership and legacy: we are led by and we stand on the shoulders of the amazing sisters who have come before us to make this event happen. We owe your presence to the successful programs that the Lutie Lytle collective has presented over the past years, and to the goodwill that has been established as a result. 
With warm regards,
Associate Professor Jessica Dixon Weaver
Professor Lolita Buckner Inniss