Annual Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorneys Legal Scholarship

DEADLINE:  September 10th, Annually. 

This Legal Scholarship is geared towards law school students (and political science students) to help students get the education they deserve. is proud to announce their new higher education scholarship of $1,500 that can be used for any school expense.

To apply, prospective applicants must write a 500+ word essay on why getting a higher education is crucial to succeed in life, and give an example of how you have persevered in life to get a higher education. Also tell how these challenges influenced you, and how they have helped you in your journey towards getting a higher education.

This renewable scholarship, will be awarded each year on September 15th.
Please include the following when submitting your essay:
  • First and last name, e-mail address and phone number
  • Transcript of your GPA (unofficial transcripts are accepted)
  • School you are currently attending
The winner of the scholarship will notified by e-mail directly. Please do not call the office with questions.
The scholarship coordinator, Erica, can be reached at