Extern Reviews


2016-2017 Extern reviews

"My most valuable learning experience was what is often overlooked -- observation.  The Corporate Counsel Externship allowed me the unique opportunity to interact with experienced and talented attorneys and observe how they solved problems and interacted with their internal client.

After graduation, I plan to attend Fordham's LLM Program for Fashion Law and ultimately work in the area of fashion law."

J.C. Penney, Inc.
Aryele Maye
Camille Eslick
Real Page, Inc.
"The Corporate Counsel Externship Program used the classroom and externship components to teach me what the life of a corporate lawyer can be like and how corporate legal departments operate.  One without the other could teach valuable information, but together they transform the experience from isolated into comprehensive.

Attorneys I worked with took time out of their days to sit down with me and discuss the projects, background and even how the projects correspond to my individual interests.  As a result, I learned how particular legal issues relating to litigation, contracts, or internal operations arise; how to address them; and best practices to resolve them."
"I believe that one of the most valuable attributes of the Corporate Counsel Externship Program is providing students exposure to the legal profession through the perspective of in-house counsel.  As future attorneys, understanding the needs of in-house counsel enables the student to better serve corporate clients when retained as outside counsel.  No other law school course can provide this opportunity.”
The Beck Group
Michael Walraven

Chandrika Shori
American Airlines, Inc.
"I could not have imagined the support and overall value I was about to receive from this semester-long experience.  In fact, we joked about how American would be my lab and it truly has been!  It's been a place for me to experiment with different areas of law, practice my skills, try out new techniques, and progress in all areas.  I rate this experience an 11 out of 10 stars."
"The Corporate Counsel Externship Program has been a wonderful experience.  I have really enjoyed getting a glimpse of the life of an in-house lawyer and have decided to include working in-house into one of my long-term career goals!

My most valuable learning experience was going to a bankruptcy court hearing.  This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me to experience the bankruptcy process upfront and see how a corporate legal team interacts and works with outside counsel on a number of issues."
Energy Future Holdings
Jibril Greene

Courtney Clay

"I truly believe in getting involved and taking as many practical courses as you can during law school.  The Corporate Counsel Externship Program is no exception.  I can confidently say it was one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences I had during school.  It helped me branch out of my comfort zone and learn about an area of law with which I was totally unfamiliar.

I also enjoyed getting to hear visiting general counsel recount their personal experiences in class.  Their advice was invaluable, and I feel better equipped to handle corporate matters once I start practicing law."
"My most valuable learning experiences were the opportunities to sit down and talk with attorneys about projects and other issues.  Those moments of explanation and insight have been very valuable, especially from attorneys who are only a few years ahead of me.

My most interesting experience was talking with the general counsel about taking board minutes and getting his perspective on best practices and his own experiences with the company board."
Summit Midstream

Dean Galaro

Jillian Beythan
Fossil Group
"My most interesting experience was touring the Fossil distribution facility
where finished products are received, sorted, packaged, and shipped across the country. Not only was I impressed by the size of the operations, but it was also a fun way to learn more about the company."
"The Corporate Counsel Externship Program has provided me with invaluable and practical experience in mergers and acquisitions and securities regulation."
Kimberly-Clark Corporation

Laurie Davis

Farhad Juneja

Lennox International
"My most valuable learning experience was the interplay between working and interacting with the attorneys in a practical capacity while also learning the ins and outs of what it means to be in-house counsel in an academic, classroom setting."
"My most valuable learning experience was attending a day-long mediation with my field supervisor, outside counsel, and Hewlett-Packard's corporate representative, where I had an active role in the discussions and was able to put my advocacy skills to the test.

My most interesting experience was attending a video conference with HP attorneys across the country, where emerging regulatory compliance challenges and litigation risks facing the company were discussed on an international level."

Hewlett-Packard Company

Emily Leezer Landeros

Catherine Peterman

Baylor Scott & White Health

"The Corporate Counsel Externship Program has exceeded my expectations by providing a unique educational opportunity to develop my profedssional skills and to view the practice from the client's perspective.

I appreciate that my supervisor tailored my experience to provide assignmets that would benefit my future career."
"My biggest challenge was reviewing contracts.  As someone who has always aspired to be a litigator, this was a tough side of the law for me to work at day in and day out, but also the most educational part of my externship.  It got me out of my litigation comfort zone and gave me a lot of valuable transactional experience."

Interstate Batteries

Cheyenne Rogers

Kyle Zunker

EnLink Midstream
"I encourage SMU law students to take this course, regardless of whether they currently have an interest in practicing in-house.  The classroom component of the course teaches students how to be more effective outside counsel and the externship component of the course provides invaluable insight into the mindset of non-lawyers in the business community."
"I would recommend that anyone who is interested in working in-house or in a law firm consider taking this class.  If you are interested in an in-house practice, the program allows you to see what is really like while forming valuable relationships.  If you are entering a law firm, the program teaches you how to better understand and treat your client, and also gives a window into a possible career opportunity later in your career."

Oris USA Corporation

J. Cade Satterfield

2017-2018 Extern Reviews

Hannah Eckeberger
Nationstar Mortgage
" My most valuable learning experience was the opportunity to work with a variety of attorneys who specialize in different fields. I was able to do legal research for the litigation team, I worked with the M&A team on a couple of deals and helped with due diligence, I assisted a HR attorney with a response to an EEOC charge and I researched several questions regarding compliance requirements with certain federal regulations. "
"The Corporate Counsel Externship Program provided me with real world experience working with top flight attorneys in my chosen field of construction law. My attorney supervisors at Austin Industries have been, and will continue to be, excellent mentors for me. In fact, because of a connection made by my attorney mentors through my externship, I was able to land a full time position at a respected law firm after graduation. I could not have asked for a better externship experience."
Austin Industries
Eric Etheridge
Audrey Edkins
Bell Helicopter
"The Corporate Counsel Externship Program has been an incredibly valuable experience unlike any other I have had in law school. My most valuable learning experience was the opportunity to see the practice of an in house attorney hands on. Sitting in on the wide variety of meetings, calls, and presentations showed me what it would really be like to work in house, something I could not have learned any other way."  
"The Corporate Counsel Externship Program has been one of my favorite experiences in law school and I would highly recommend it to any student whether the student is interested in transactional law or litigation. It is a priceless experience that you likely will not have the opportunity to do again. The externship program enabled me to experience a particular industry I was interested in and affirm those interests. It has also affirmed that while I think a law firm experience is invaluable and a necessary aspect of being an effective lawyer that I think there are major benefits to being part of an in-house team."
HBK Capital Managment
William Mathews
Katlyne Miller
Susam G. Komen
"The Corporate Counsel Externship Program has given me great insight into how an in-house department operates at a non-profit corporation, and the program has given me my first exposure to transactional work. My most valuable learning experience was drafting my first contract without a template. I have never drafted a contract before, and I was able to start from scratch, piecing together clauses from similar contracts. This externship program is one of the only ways to get hands on transactional experience during law school. I would recommend this course to any law student who is unsure about whether they want to practice in transactional or litigation."
"The Corporate Counsel Externship Program has exceeded all of my expectations.  It was one of the reasons that I decided to attend SMU Law. The most valuable learning experience were the conversations that I had with the general counsel. He would always explain to me the struggle of balancing the business strategies of the company with the legal considerations, which is something I found intriguing."
Jamba Juice
Christopher Howard