Student Eligibility and Application Process


The program is offered one semester per academic year in the fall semester.  To be eligible for the program, a student must have a minimum specified GPA and have already taken Business Enterprise (LAW 6420), the basic business law course. The program is open to second and third-year students.


Students apply through a competitive application process.  As part of the process, each applicant submits a current resume, law school transcript, and an application on which he or she describes the reasons why he or she wants to participate and indicates his or her practice area, industry and company preferences. 

Information sessions are held at the law school every spring semester for interested students. Externs will be announced in late March and will be assigned to corporations based on student practice area interest and industry focus as much as practicable.  Approximately 70 placements are available. 

"The Corporate Counsel Externship Program has been a wonderful experience.  I have really enjoyed getting a glimpse of the life of an in-house lawyer and have decided to include working in-house into one of my long-term career goals!

My most valuable learning experience was going to a bankruptcy court hearing.  This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me to experience the bankruptcy process upfront and see how a corporate legal team interacts and works with outside counsel on a number of issues."
Energy Future Holdings
Jibril Greene