Writing Requirements

Edited Writing Seminar

Three hours. Each seminar requires the student to participate in an intensive, scholarly expository writing project. It may take the form of a single paper, of at least 30 pages, or several shorter papers, as the professor may direct. The professor will review and criticize the student's writing. Subject matter will vary at the discretion of the professor. Each spring, the topics of the following fall and spring's Writing Seminars will be announced. Enrollment in each seminar is limited to 20 students. *International LLMs must gain prior approval before enrolling in any edited writing course.

General Writing Requirement

Students admitted in Fall 2018 and Fall 2019 must complete a writing unit in addition to the first-year Legal Research, Writing and Advocacy course and the third-year Writing Seminar. This requirement may be fulfilled by completing a course in which more than half the grade for the course is based on written work other than an examination, by completing law review writing requirements for credit, or by completing a two- or three-hour directed research paper. (A second edited writing will also satisfy the general writing requirement.)

Students admitted in Fall 2020 and later do not have to complete a General Writing Requirement.  They must, however, complete the third-year Writing Seminar.