Spring 2018 Tentative Courses

The following courses will tentatively be offered. 

  Course                                                                              Professor     
Advanced Contracts Drafting Flynn
Advanced Contracts Workshop West
Advanced Corporate Tax  Hanna
Advanced Family Law (EW) Weaver
Advanced Legal Research  Ivy 
Advanced Legal Writing Garner
Alternative Dispute Resolution Pryor
Alternative Dispute Resolution Stahl
Animal Law Bobosky
Antitrust Rogers
Banking Law  (EW) Norton
Bar Prep Course Birdsong
BE for LLMs Camp 
Business Enterprise Steinberg
Chapter 11 Reorganization Esserman/Parsons
Child Ad Clinic  Sumoski
Civil Procedure Colangelo 
Civil Procedure Martinez
Civil Procedure Thornburg
Commercial Real Estate Seminar Cox/Lowery
Comparative Law: Criminal Procedure  Turner
Constitutional Criminal Procedure Palacios
Constitutional Law I Bloom 
Constitutional Law I Carpenter
Constitutional Law I Carpenter
Constitutional Law II Bloom
Consumer Ad Clinic  Spector
Contracts  Anderson
Contracts  Crespi
Contracts  Rogers
Corporate & Transactional Legal Research Gallina
Counseling the Small Business Owner Baucum
Creditors' Rights Hale
Crimes Against Women Clinic  Nanasi
Criminal Clinic  Jenks 
Disability Law  Hayden
Economic Analysis of the Law  Crespi
Employment Discrimination Hayden
Energy and Natural Resources  Coleman
Energy Trade (EW)  Coleman
Estate Planning & Practice Marchand
Ethics & Compliance  Hinton/Nahlen
Evidence TBD
Family Law  Garcia
Family Law Clinic  Prox
Federal Courts  Martinez 
Federal Judicial Externship Fish/Dureus
Federal Taxpayers Clinic  Jones
Food and Drug Law Cortez
Government & Non-Profit Externship  Burstein
History of Anglo-American Legal Institutions Tate 
Human Rights (EW) Colangelo
Immigration Law Flynn/Micale
Income Tax  Beard/Freeman
Income Tax  Mazur 
Information Privacy & Security Law Johnson
Innocence Clinic Palacios 
Insurance Martin
Intellectual Property and Business Organizations (EW) Robinson
International Business Transactions  Norton 
International Crimes (EW) Turner 
International Franchising Law Vernon
International Humanitarian Law/Law of Armed Conflict (EW) Jenks
International Tax II Albright
IP Licensing Showalter
Law Practice Mgmt. Shank
Law, Literature, and Medicine  Mayo 
Law & Medicine: Bioethics Mayo
Lawyering and Ethics for the Business Attorney Steinberg
Legal Writing Cross 
Legal Writing for LLMs Cashen
Legislation  Cortez
Mergers & Acquisitions Chu
Negotiations Nolland
Oil and Gas  Lowe
Oil and Gas Contracts Lowe  
Oil and Gas Contracts  Sullivan
Partnership Tax  Hanna 
Patent Prosecution Brown-Sanford
Payment Systems  Cashen 
Perspectives of American Legal System  Cashen
Pre-Trial Practice & Advocacy Johnson
Professional Responsibility Gregory
Professional Responsibility Weaver 
Professional Responsibility for LLMs Wilson
Property Buckner-Inniss
Property Tate
Property  Robinson
Public International Law (EW) Winship 
Regulation of Hazardous Substances Gaba
Regulation of Securities Markets Rudley
Remedies Anderson 
Secured Transactions  Winship 
Securities Regulation Glasgow
Small Business & Trademark Clinic Helppie
State & Local Tax Noel
Tax & Fiscal Policy Drapkin
Tax of Prop Dispositions Mazur 
Tax Practice & Prof. Resp. Drapkin
Texas Matrimonial Property Webb
Texas Pre-Trial Procedure TBD
Texas Trial and Appellate Procedure Cross
The Expert Witness in Civil Litigation Hutchinson
Torts Mayo
Torts Ryan
Torts  Ryan 
Toxic Torts in the Petroleum Industry Dancy
Trial Ad Halpern
Trusts & Estates Grossman
White Collar Crime Uhl