Registration Instructions - Spring 2015

All upper-class students will register for spring 2015 courses via my.SMU.  Please read all instructions and make sure to review the Spring 2015 exam schedule under "Exam Information and Policies" on the Registrar's website before registering for classes.  All students should make sure and clear the Personal Information hold and the Financial Rights and Responsibilities hold on their account through my.SMU prior to registration.  Both of these holds will prevent you from being able to register.  Instructions for clearing these are below.  (The Registrar's Office will manually register 1Ls and 1Es for their classes once all holds have been cleared).

Financial Aid/Scholarships
If you are or will be receiving a scholarship, you must remain in good academic standing (the cumulative GPA that you must keep depends on the particular scholarship type) and be registered as a full-time student based on your program in order to keep the full amount of the scholarship.  (12 hours for day students, 9 hours for evening students).  If you register for less than full-time, your scholarship will be pro-rated based on how many hours you are registered for.  If you fall below the cumulative GPA needed to keep your scholarship, the scholarship will be canceled.  The scholarship may be re-instated if your GPA rises once again in a future semester. 

*Please note that until the end of the add/drop period we do not know if a student will be registered for less than full time hours in their program.  Therefore, we cannot do the proration of scholarships until after this time.  This means that full scholarship will normally be awarded in your financial aid award and that this number will subsequently be adjusted if by the end of add/drop you are not enrolled in full-time hours for your program.  This will result in a reduction in your financial aid which can create a balance due to the University when scholarship monies are reversed.

Scholarships do not apply to the summer semester.  All scholarships are awarded and applied to the fall and/or spring semesters only.  Also, scholarships are not applied towards tuition for classes taken at other schools.  If you will be visiting another school, your scholarship will be canceled for that particular semester.  Receipt of scholarship funds cannot be accelerated.  If you graduate earlier than the normal matriculation for your program, you will only be awarded scholarship funds for the semesters you are enrolled in the law school on the basis of the scholarship award per semester.

Clinic Registration: (For students who were selected for clinic through the lottery)
Clinic seats will be assigned through a lottery that will occur prior to registration. Students who receive a clinic seat in the lottery are required to register for that clinic through my.SMU during registration for the spring. Do not register for a clinic unless you were selected for it through the lottery.  Students who register for a clinic they were not chosen for will be dropped from that clinic.  Any clinic openings that occur after registration will be filled on the basis of the waiting list. The clinic will contact any students who have made a clinic spot and were on the waiting list.

Extra Hours and Non-class Credits:
In order to take extra hours, evening students must fill out a petition and obtain approval from Dean Camp.  Evening students may petition for full-time status after their second semester. The petition may be found in the Registrar's Office or on the Registrar's web page under "Forms". If the petition is approved, the Registrar's Office will change your status in my.SMU to full-time and you may register for up to 17 hours.  Students who are in the evening program will always be ranked as evening students even if their status is changed to full-time.

The maximum number of credit hours day students may register for is 17. Day students may not petition for additional hours.

Full-time students who plan to register for less than 12 hours must also meet with Dean Camp before registration.

Directed Research, Externship, Moot Court, and Mock Trial hours must still be added through the Registrar's Office. To register for any of these hours, permission must be obtained from the designated faculty member and the appropriate permission to register form must be submitted to the Registrar's Office. The permission to register form is available in the Registrar's Office or on the Registrar's web page under "Forms". Law Review and Clinic Deputy hours must also be added through the Registrar's Office, however no signed authorization is needed.  You may fill out a form in the Registrar's Office for these hours to be added or send an e-mail including your student ID number, name of law review or clinic (for clinic chief), and number of credit hours needed.

Add/Drop Deadline:
ALL CREDIT HOURS that you need to have applied to your spring schedule must be added by the last day of the add/drop period. *This includes hours for Directed Research, Externship, Moot Court/Mock Trial, Clinic Deputy, and Law Review.  The last day to add any hours to your spring schedule is Wednesday, January 14, 2015. You will receive a grade of "W" on your transcript if a class is dropped after the add/drop period has ended, however you may drop a class (with a grade of "W") up until the last day of classes with the instructor's permission. First year students may not drop first year required courses without the permission of the instructor and Dean Camp.  Add/drop begins on Saturday, November 22nd at 12:01am (Friday night/Saturday morning).

Required Courses and Reminders:
Required Courses for Graduation: All first year courses (31 hrs.), Professional Responsibility (3 hrs.), Constitutional Law II (3 hrs.), General Writing course (2 or 3 hrs.), Edited Writing course (3 hrs.), Professional Skills Course (1, 2, 3, or 4 hrs.). Required Number of Credit Hours for Graduation:  87

*6 Residency credits are required for graduation. (1 credit is given for passing 12 course hours in a semester; 3/4th credit for 9-11 hours; 1/2 credit for 6-8 hours; and 1/4th credit for 3-5 hours)

*You may refer to Degree Requirements for a degree audit checklist and more information regarding degree requirements.

*If a class that you want to add to your schedule is full/closed when you try to add it, you can either go ahead and add another (open) class to your schedule or keep checking my.SMU periodically throughout the add/drop period to see if the class has opened up.  Most courses have a seat limit based on the number of physical seats in the class.  If the class is full, it is most likely because there are no remaining seats in the class.

*Courses MUST be designated as either Edited or General Writing to satisfy the writing requirement. They are designated as "EW" or "GW" on the upper-class course listing next to the title of the course. Please keep in mind that if a class is listed as a (GW) (PS) you can only get credit for either the general writing component or the professional skills component, not both.

*There are seat restrictions on several spring courses.  Please check the seat availabilities in my.SMU before registering.  All restrictions that have been placed on courses will be removed once add/drop begins and every student will be able to add any courses with available seats to their schedules. Add/drop will begin on Saturday, November 22nd.  Restrictions will automatically be released at 12:01am (Friday night/Saturday morning).

*Maximum number of pass fail hours:
The maximum number of pass fail hours (other than for externships or classes where there were special circumstances where the entire class was given a pass/fail grade) which can be applied to satisfy the 87 hours required for graduation is 6. This restriction also does not include hours transferred from other law schools or other graduate schools at SMU. Generally, the type of pass fail hours that this affects are hours for law review and BOA such as mock trial and moot court competitions and serving on the BOA. If you have questions, please direct them to Dean Camp.

Each student must take the following steps prior to registration: 

1.  Check your student account for any service indicators (holds) which need to be cleared prior to your enrollment. To view your holds:
  • Login to my.SMU.
  • On the right hand side of the screen at the top under Student Self Service, click the Student Center link.
  • Click the Details link under Holds on the right hand side of the screen.
  • Any holds that you have will appear.
  • *For the Student Rights and Responsibilities Hold - Under the Instructions portion, click the Student Rights & Responsibilities link.  The agreement will appear.  Read all sections of the agreement and click the I Agree boxes, then click Confirm. Once submitted, the hold will be removed. 

Contact the appropriate person or department listed with each hold to inquire about the hold and have it cleared. If no contact person or department is listed, contact the University Registrar's Office in the Laura Lee Blanton Building at 214-768-2038 or If you have a hold on your account when your appointment time opens, you will lose registration priority. Please be advised that it could take up to 24 hours to have any hold removed.

2.  The University has placed a Student Financial Rights and Responsibilities hold on every student's account.  You will need to complete the review and the electronic signature through your account in my.SMU.  Once the statement is signed, the hold will automatically be removed.  Refer to #1 for instructions on checking for the hold.  This will be placed on every student's account every semester. 

3. Update and/or verify demographic information, addresses, phone numbers, and emergency contacts. The University places a hold on every student's account once a year prior to spring registration. Students will not be permitted to register until the verification has been completed. Even if your personal information has not changed, you must still verify and save each category in order for the hold to be released.

To update your personal information:
  • Login to my.SMU.
  • On the right hand side of the screen at the top under Student Self Service, click the Student Center link.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page to Personal Information.
  • Select Demographic Data.
  • Enter any information that needs to be updated.
  • At the bottom of the page, click the I have verified and/or updated my information box; it is current option (Click this box even if you made no changes!)
  • Click Save (even if you made no changes!) The current date will appear after you click Save.
  • At the top of the page you will see tabs for Addresses, Phone Numbers, and Emergency Contacts. Each of those must also be updated.
  • All 4 categories (Addresses, Phone Numbers, Emergency Contacts, & Demographic Data) must be updated and saved before the hold will be released.
  • Refer to the student tutorial for more detailed instructions.
  • Please contact Enrollment Resources at 214-768-3417 or with any questions.

4. Review the course schedule and choose your classes. The spring 2015 course listings and block schedules are on the Law School Registrar's webpage under the Course Schedules and Information link.

5. Make sure to review the exam schedule for the applicable semester prior to registering for classes. Do not register for courses in which the exams are scheduled at the same time. Exams can only be rescheduled for emergencies. Two exams on the same day or three exams on consecutive days do not constitute an emergency. The exam schedules are also on the Law School Registrar's webpage under the Exam Information and Policies link.

6. Check for seat availabilities for the courses that you have chosen by following these instructions: Seat availabilities are automatically updated in my.SMU as students add and drop courses.
  • Login to my.SMU.
  • On the right hand side of the screen at the top under Student Self Service, click the Student Center link.
  • Click the Search for Classes button.
  • Select the Term (Spring 2015) from the drop down menu.
  • Click Go
  • Select the Subject (Law).
  • Select the Course Career (Law).
  • Uncheck the Show Open Classes Only box.
  • Click Search
  • Click OK when the statement regarding 50 classes appears.

Under "Available Seats" you will see Unrstr and Rstr. Unrstr is the unrestricted number of seats that are available in the course. Rstr is the restricted number of seats. The only instance where there is a number under Rstr is when there are seats that are restricted for day or evening students. All restrictions that have been placed on courses will be removed once add/drop begins and every student will be able to add any courses with available seats to their schedules. Add/drop begins at 12:01am on November 22nd (Friday night/Saturday morning).

7. Check your enrollment appointment time (make sure it corresponds to the schedule below for on-line registration). To check your appointment time:

Login to my.SMU.
On the right hand side of the screen at the top under Student Self Service, click the Student Center link.
Also on the right hand side of the screen under Enrollment Dates, click the Open Enrollment Dates Link.
Select the Term (Spring 2015) and click Continue.
The enrollment appointment times will be displayed.
Refer to the student tutorial for more detailed instructions.
The schedule for on-line registration for upper-class students is as follows:
Students who have 53 hours and above including hours in progress. Wednesday, November 19th beginning at 12:30pm LLMs register for up to 14 credit hours.
Full-time day and evening students register for up to 17 credit hours.

Part-time evening students register for up to 11 hours.
Students who have 0-52 hours including hours in progress. Thursday, November 20th beginning at 12:30pm Full-time day and evening students register for up to 17 credit hours. Part-time evening students register for up to 11 hours.

The Registrar's Office will add Property II (3 credit hrs.) to 2E schedules.  2Es may add the remaining 8 hours of upper-class courses to their schedules via my.SMU.

Except for clinics, no waiting lists will be maintained. All open seats will be available on a first-come-first-served basis during the regular add/drop period. When the add/drop period begins, please check for all current seat availabilities through my.SMU. Add/drop begins on Saturday, November 22nd at 12:01am (Friday night/Saturday morning).