American Bar Association Disclosures

Consumer Information (ABA Standard 509 Disclosure)

According to Standard 509 of the American Bar Association Standards and Rules of Procedure, the SMU Dedman School of Law must publicly disclose a variety of consumer information, both general and pertaining to specific areas, on its website.

General consumer information (Standard 509(b))

2018 ABA Standard 509 Information Report

Admissions data (Standard 509(b)(1))
2018 ABA Standard 509 Information Report (pg. 1)

Tuition and fees, living costs, financial aid (Standard 509(b)(2))
2018 ABA Standard 509 Information Report (pg. 2)

Conditional scholarships (Standard 509(b)(3))

The Southern Methodist University Dedman School of Law does offer conditional scholarships. Information on scholarships and financial aid can be found on financial aid / scholarships offered. This chart will be provided to all applicants being offered conditional scholarships at the time the scholarship offer is extended.

Students matriculating in: Number entering with conditional scholarships Number whose conditional scholarships have since been reduced or eliminated
2018 6 N/A
2017 10 1
2016 8 0
2015 9 0

Enrollment data, transfer, and attrition (Standard 509(b)(4))
2018 ABA Standard 509 Information Report (pg. 2-4)

Numbers of full-time and part-time faculty and administrators (Standard 509(b)(5))
2018 ABA Standard 509 Information Report (pg. 1)

Class sizes, number of seminars, clinical and co-curricular offerings (Standard 509(b)(6))
2018 ABA Standard 509 Information Report (pg. 1)

Employment outcomes (Standard 509(b)(7))
Employment summary for the class of 2018, 2017, and 2016

Bar Passage Rates
Ultimate and First Time Bar Passage

Refund Policies (509(c)(1))

Curricular offerings, academic calendar, and academic requirements (Standard 509(c)(2))

Policy regarding transfer of credits (Standard 509(c)(3))

Transfer credit policy

Student accreditation complaint policy (Standard 510(a))

Procedures for complaints involving ABA accreditation Standards