NEW! 11-day Summer sessions

We Know You're busy

That's why SMU Intersessions now offers 11-day courses in June and July. Enjoy the same great course format as MayTerm.  Complete a 1- or 3-credit course in a little over 2 weeks and have the rest of your summer free for work, an internship, or a much needed break. 

Mix and Match

Take multiple courses, mix and match the 11-day sessions with others offered in the 11 class-day or the standard 22 class-day formats.  See below to learn more about scheduling your course.

Summer 11-day schedules

Standard June (Sum 1) & July (Sum 2) summer sessions meet for 22 class days (over about 5 weeks).  11 class-day sessions have been scheduled to fall either in the first or second half of these sessions and share a start date (A sessions) or end date (B sessions) with the main sessions. Courses in the 11-day format meet 4 hours each day Monday through Friday - the same format as in MayTerm!


SMU offers 3 session lengths: Combined: 44 class days; June (summer 1) and July (summer 2): 22 class days; and June A&B and July A&B, each 11 class days.

Find your 11-day Summer course!


Choose the Schedule That's Right for You

Students wishing to enroll in 11-day sessions follow normal enrollment procedures and may also enroll in a concurrent 22-day course, schedules permitting (see more on this below).  Costs & SMU Financial Aid apply in the same way they would for any other Summer session.

Students may take up to 7 credit hours in the June summer sessions (June 1- 30) and up to 7 credit hours in the July summer sessions (July 6-August 4).

Here are a few examples of how courses may be combined.

Example 1: Take two 3-hour 22-day courses in June (Summer 1) courses plus a 1-hour lab.
Total: 7 credit hours

Take 2 courses during the June (Summer 1) session - 22 class days

Example 2: Take one 4-hour 22-day course in June (Summer 1) and one 3-credit course in June A.
Total: of 7 credit hours

Example 3: Take one 3-hour 22-day course in June (Summer 1) and one 3-hour course in June B.
Total: 6 credit hours


Example 4: Take one 3-hour course in June A and one 3-hour course in June B.
Total: 6 credit hours

**In each of the 6 credit hour scenarios, students may be able to add an additional 1 credit hour course (e.g., a lab or PRW course), schedule permitting.**

Overload requests: Students wishing to take more than 14 hours during the summer should see their academic advisor about applying to take an overload.

Find your 11-day Summer course!