Policies and Procedures

Enrollment Procedure for SMU Students

PLEASE NOTE: by enrolling in Intersessions courses, students agree to abide by all related university policies.

  1. Meet with your advisor and prepare to enroll

    Consult your advisor to determine which Intersessions courses best serve your academic goals. Be sure to identify alternate choices.
    See Dates & Deadlines for your term.

    Courses are visible in my.SMU approximately one month before enrollment opens; at that time you may place preferred and alternate courses in your 'shopping cart'.  Please note: this does not constitute official enrollment nor guarantee a seat in the course.

    All holds on your account must be clear prior to enrollment.

  2. Enroll in your course through my.SMU

    JanTerm and MayTerm students may enroll in one course per term. 
    June-July students can enroll in up to 14 credit hours across the different sessions.

    Use my.SMU to enroll, just as you would for any other term.

    Intersession enrollment opens for all students at the same time - 12:01 a.m (right after midnight) on the first day of the enrollment period.  Enroll as soon as possible to secure a seat in your preferred course.

    JanTerm enrollment opens in early November (at the same time as enrollment for spring term). 
    May and June-July enrollment opens in early April (at the same time as enrollment for fall term.

  3. Check deadlines & complete other tasks

    Priority enrollment deadlines for January, May, and Summer 11-day terms generally fall two weeks prior to the start of term. At these dates, courses with low enrollment may be cancelled, so it is in your interest to enroll early.  Enrollment after this date is still possible, subject to seat availability.

    If you receive SMU financial aid, use the Intersessions Tuition and Financial Aid Calculator, to estimate your aid and then verify your aid amount with a Student Financials Advisor.
    Students enrolled in 3 or more hours may apply for an Intersessions Scholarship.

    Learn more about on-campus housing and dining.

  4. Pay for your course.  Click here to view payment due dates Bursar’s Office .

Intersessions Policies

Change of enrollment, cancellation, withdrawal

Should you wish to swap your course or enroll late, you may do so through my.SMU through the add period (see Dates & Deadlines), subject to seat availability. Professor permission may also be required after the start of term.


Online Language Courses

Online language courses are generally 5 weeks in duration, even when held in Jan Term and May Term (which generally meet on a shorter schedule).  While some of the work is self-paced and asynchronous, students will be required to meet regular deadlines and participate in scheduled interaction with classmates and the professor via discussion boards, video conferencing, and other media. 

Once enrolled, students receive instructions via email on how to connect to course resources and technology.  Checking email before and during online language courses is essential.  All online students must have reliable internet access, and a device with webcam, audio, microphone, and recording functionality.

Students may enroll in one online course during Jan Term* or May Term**, and up to 14 credit hours over the summer term (a maximum of 7 hours in June sessions and maximum of 7 hours July sessions).

* Online language courses in Jan Term begin immediately following the end of fall term and continue throughout the winter break.
** Online language courses in May Term end approximately 2 weeks after the end of all other May Term courses.


Taking a class Pass/Fail, and Course repeats

Students may repeat a course or take any Intersessions course on a Pass/Fail basis, subject to the regular requirements and restrictions as presented in the University Catalog.  Please consult with your academic advisor when making the decision to take a course pass/fail.


Cancellation, refunds, late payments and late fees

The Office of the Bursar determines cancellation, refund, and payment due dates.  By enrolling in an intersession course, students agree to abide these requirements.  Failure to abide these deadlines will result in tuition and late fee charges.


If you are enrolled in multiple courses (as in June-July) and only want to cancel one of these, you can drop the course through my.SMU through the drop period (see dates and deadlines). 

If you are enrolled in only one course or if you want to cancel all of your courses and withdraw from the term, you MUST fill out additional paperwork in one of the following ways:

  1. Prior to the first day of term, cancel by completing the online Cancellation Form.  
  2. To cancel on or after the first day of class, complete a Withdrawal/Cancellation form and submit it to your school of record (June-July students) or the Intersessions Office (JanTerm and MayTerm students).


Full refunds

Cancellations prior to the start of term are entitled to a 100% refund. See program Dates & Deadlines to check if your cancellation is eligible.

Partial refunds

Students who drop early in the term may be entitled to a partial refund. For short sessions (Jan & May), students can receive a 50% refund if they initiate a drop on the first day of class.  For longer sessions (JanTerm ONLINE, June, July), students must drop within the first two days to be eligible for a partial refund.

For more information or assistance
Contact the Bursar's Office


SMU Financial Aid

Students receiving SMU Merit Scholarships or need-based financial aid may receive these awards on a pro-rated basis for Intersessions.

The Financial Aid Office determines award amounts, policies and procedures for financial aid awards.  By enrolling in an intersession course, students agree to abide by these requirements.