FAQs for May Term & Summer 2021

When will May Term and Summer 2021 courses be posted?

May Term and Summer course can be viewed on course search page of our website or in my.SMU. PLEASE NOTE: my.SMU has the most up-to-date version of the schedule.  Our website is updated approximately once a week.


How do I know what the modality for May Term and Summer 2021 courses will be?

Most classes will be delivered as either SMUFlex (where a student chooses to either attend in-person or virtually) OR Virtual only format.

There are a handful of courses offered in-person only, including
DANC 1303  Beginning Modern Dance with Prof. Dolder in the July (Summer 2) session
DANC 1303  Beginning Modern Dance with Prof. Dolder in the July (Summer 2) session
PRW    2122  Rock Climbing with Prof. Chelstowski in the June A session

You can find course modality under "Room" in the meeting information section in my.SMU.  If the room information lists "Virtual," the course can only be taken virtually.  If specific room information is listed, the course is an SMUFlex course and you choose how to attend (virtually or in-person).  Please note the few in-person only course options above, which are exceptions to this rule.  


Will virtual classes be held synchronously or asynchronously?

Those decisions may vary by course, but ALL students should be prepared for some synchronous activity with their instructor and classmates. Please check the syllabus library for more information on your course, or if you can't find it there, contact the instructor.


What do I need to do to enroll?

For Intersessions courses, you enroll as you would for any other semester.  Enrollment for May Term and Summer opens in my.SMU starting Monday, April 5. 

NEW for 2021! Check my.SMU ahead of time for your enrollment appointment! Enrollment opens for all current students on April 5, but seniors and juniors (by hours) receive a priority enrollment window.  For all other current students, enrollment opens at 12pm.  Visiting and new student enrollment opens at 12pm on Wednesday, April 14.

May and Summer enrollment appointments: Seniors (90+ credit hours) at 8am; Juniors (60-89 credit hours) at 10am; all others (59 hours or less) at 12pm

Due to limited availability of seats in some courses, we encourage students to enroll at their appointment time!  If you find that your preferred course is full, consider enrolling on the wait list OR in a back-up course.


How many courses can I take?

May Term students enroll in one course.  Students enrolling for Summer can take up to 7 credit hours in June (Summer 1, June A, June B) and 7 credit hours in July (Summer 2, July A, July B). Learn more here.


What is planned for May and Summer in Taos?

SMU-in-Taos is a separate office, and we recommend consulting with their staff about any questions.  They can be reached by email at smutaos@smu.edu, or check out their website for updates.


How can I get in touch with someone for advising?

We always recommend consulting with your academic advisor on how Intersession courses might best serve you. Intersessions staff is also available to assist when needed, especially as it relates to course availability, wait list, cancellation deadlines for refunds and other enrollment-related questions.  Zoom office hours are open to any student M-F 9am-12pm and 1-4pm CST.  Sign in here.  We can also schedule appointments. Call 214.768.1009 or email intersessions@smu.edu for more information.


I am planning on graduating soon & need May Term and/or Summer to do this.  Are any resources available to assist me?

We are making every effort to make critical courses for seniors available.  You may always consult with your academic advisor or degree counselor for guidance as you chart your course to graduation.  You may also suggest a course for May Term and/or Summer through our Wish List.


How much will a course cost?

Intersessions tuition for 2021 is the same as last year, $1520 per credit hour.  Most courses are 3 credit hours and cost $4560.  Language courses with a lab are $6,080.  1 credit hour lab courses & PRW cost $1520.  No general student fees are assessed.  (Click here to see how much pro-rated SMU aid will be applied toward your May and/or Summer tuition.)

A few courses may carry a fee for materials; our office will consult with departments on whether these will still be necessary, but it is likely that these charges would only affect lab or studio art courses.


What about financial aid? Will additional resources be available to those impacted financially by COVID-19?

SMU Students who already receive need- or merit-based financial aid through SMU can use our Financial Aid Calculator to determine how much pro-rated aid may be applied toward May and/or Summer tuition.  Use of SMU financial aid during Intersessions does not decrease the amount you are eligible for in future semesters.  All summer students must request their financial aid be applied.

The Intersessions program also offers a May Term and Summer need-based scholarship.  The application period is open til April 23rd for May Term applicants, and May 4 for Summer applicants.  Learn more here

I am a student at another university, can I take courses?

Yes!  Please be sure to start your application process as soon as possible through the Visiting Student Services website.  If you wish to transfer credit to your home institution we strongly recommend you seek pre-approval of course equivalency before enrolling in your SMU course.