FAQs for May & Summer 2020

Are May Term and Summer still running normally? Will classes be online?

The University has announced that all courses scheduled in May Term and the month of June (including the regular June session, as well as June A & B) will be held remotely.  

For the second half of Summer (July session, as well as July A & B) a combination of in-person and remote courses will be offered. Administration is laying plans to reduce density in classroom, residential, and other facilities.  We will be posting updates on these plans to this page, so please check back here periodically.


How do I know if my class is being offered remote or in-person in July?

All students enrolled in courses to be delivered in a hybrid in-person/remote format will be notified by email. Keep an eye out from email from your professor.

Additionally, a student may check their course schedule in my.SMU. Each course will follow one of the two meeting plans:
1) Course that have “Remote course” listed as the room location will only be offered remotely.
2) Courses that still have a classroom building and room number listed will offer the flexibility to be taken in-person or remotely. If your course falls into this category, keep an eye out for more information to arrive over email from your professor & the University.


What kind of on-campus experience should I expect for July term?

Employees returned to campus in June to prepare for classes.  They have received training on safety and health practices, including daily health self-assessments, face coverings, enhanced cleaning protocols, social distancing guidelines in work spaces, restrooms and elevators, as well as contact tracing. All these safety procedures will be in place for students as well.  Click HERE for more information you should know as you return to the Hilltop!

If you are enrolled in July classes to be held on campus, you can expect more information on this to arrive over email from your professor and the University.

If you plan to return to campus, please be certain to bring your SMU ID. Entry to many buildings on campus will require card access. Other items you will need at your disposal include: cloth face covering/s, a personal thermometer for daily self-screening, disinfectant wipes, and hand sanitizer.


Will lab and studio-based courses be available for remote instruction?

These decisions are being made on a case by case basis, but we can confirm that a number of departments are moving ahead with such courses.  For the most up-to-date course list, please consult my.SMU.


Will remote classes be held synchronously or asynchronously?

Those decisions may vary by course, but ALL students should be prepared for some synchronous activity with their instructor and classmates. Please check back with us for updates to the course schedule and syllabi.


Will on-campus housing and other services still be available?

On-campus housing will not be available for June, unless you already have special permission from RLSH to live on campus.

Housing applications for July term will be available on the Housing Portal starting on May 27. Applications will be accepted through June 22. Information about the building location and occupancy for Summer Housing will be announced in the Housing Portal when decisions are made.

Many student services are still available remotely, including SMU Libraries, and the Office of Information Technology Help Desk


I’ve heard something about May Term ONLINE having a different schedule from May Term. I’m confused.

Several introductory language course designed to be offered online run on an elongated May Term schedule to accommodate the additional workload they require. SPAN 1401 & 1402, and FREN 1402 are the only classes that have special dates; they meet May 14 – June 15. All other May Term courses adapted for remote delivery will meet May 14 - 29.


What will happen with Taos classes?

Since SMU-in-Taos is a separate office, we recommend consulting with their staff about any Taos-related questions. They can be reached by email at smutaos@smu.edu, or check out their website for updates.


Are any classes being cancelled or altered due to the decision to offer courses remotely?

A few classes have been cancelled, but the majority are moving forward as planned.  Some have had their hours adjusted slightly.  For the most up-to-date course list, please consult my.SMU.


I am an international student. Can I take May or Summer classes remotely and remain in compliance with my visa guidelines?

Just as you were able to participate in the portion of your Spring courses delivered remotely, you should be able to do so for remote courses in Intersessions. Please consult with the Office of International Student Services for more information.


How can I get in touch with someone for advising?

We always recommend consulting with your academic advisor on how Intersession courses might best serve you. Intersessions staff is also available to assist when needed, especially as it relates to course availability, wait list, cancellation deadlines for refunds and other enrollment-related questions. Zoom office hours are open to any student MWF 2-4pm CST. Sign in here. We can also schedule these by appointment. Email intersessions@smu.edu.


I am planning on graduating soon & need May and/or Summer classes to do this. Are any resources available to assist me?

We are making every effort to make critical courses for seniors available. You may always consult with your academic advisor or degree counselor for guidance as you chart your course to graduation. You may also suggest a course for May or Summer through our Wish List.


What grading scheme will be used for May Term and Summer Term courses?

May Term and Summer Term courses will follow the standard undergraduate grading scheme of letter grades A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, D- and F using a 4.000 grade point scale and with grades counting in the cumulative GPA. More information on the undergraduate grading scheme can be found in the Undergraduate Catalog.


Why isn't the special undergraduate grading option of S, S-, NC being used for May Term and Summer Term? Wasn’t this implemented for classes delivered remotely/online?

No, the undergraduate grading option of S, S-, NC was not implemented because courses are now being delivered remotely/online. It was implemented for the Spring 2020 Term courses in recognition of the disruption during the term and the abrupt switch to remote/online courses for all students, many of whom had to scramble to be prepared to receive their courses online.


How much will a course cost?

Tuition for 2020 is $1520 per credit hour. Most courses are 3 credit hours and cost $4560. Language courses with a lab are $6,080. 1 credit hour lab courses & PRW cost $1520. No general student fees are assessed.

A few courses may carry a fee for materials; our office is consulting with departments on whether these will still be necessary, but it is likely that these charges would only affect lab or studio art courses.


What about financial aid? Will additional resources be available to those impacted financially by COVID-19?

SMU Students who already receive need- or merit-based financial aid through SMU can use our Financial Aid Calculator to determine how much pro-rated aid may be applied toward May or Summer tuition. Use of SMU financial aid during Intersessions does not decrease the amount you are eligible for in future semesters. Please remember to request your Summer Aid.


How many courses can I take?

May Term students enroll in one course.

Students may take up to 7 credit hours in the June summer sessions (June 1- 30) and up to 7 credit hours in the July summer sessions (July 6-August 4). Students wishing to take more than 14 hours during the summer should see their academic advisor about applying to take an overload. Learn more on summer scheduling here.


What do I need to do to enroll?

Enroll through your course in my.SMU, as you would for any other semester. If you find that your preferred course is full, consider enrolling on the wait list OR in a back-up course.


Courses running on the Combined (Summer 3) calendar start in June & end in July.  How are they affected by the decision to go remote?

All courses that have a first class day in June will be delivered remotely for the entire Summer.  So all Combined (Summer 3) courses will not have any in-person classes, even if students return to campus in July for their Summer 2 courses.


I am a student at another university, can I take courses?

Yes! Please be sure to start your application process as soon as possible through the Visiting Student Services website. Enrollment begins April 22nd for visiting students. If you wish to transfer credit to your home institution we strongly recommend you seek pre-approval of course equivalency before enrolling in your SMU course.