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About the Fellowship Program

The Maguire and Irby Family Foundation Public Service Fellowships now satisfy the Oral Communication and Community Engagement proficiency/experience in the new University Curriculum.

The Maguire Center -- with financial assistance from the Irby Family Foundation -- awards summer fellowships to SMU students who wish to devote time to public service or research in the field of ethics.

Over the past 16 years, we have awarded summer fellowship stipends to approximately 134 SMU students for public service and research in ethics. We have supported volunteers in more than one hundred fifteen agencies in 19 Texas cities, 14 states, and 15 countries outside the USA.

  • For a complete listing of past fellowship placements, click here.
  • For more information about past Fellowships, the 2011 class of public service interns was profiled in the Fall 2011 Maguire Center Newsletter, and SMU Vision published this story[pdf] about the 2008 program.

Lives: Touch Others, Change Yours

SMU Public Service Fellows have volunteered in a vast number of diverse internship placements.  Through such opportunities, students gain concrete information about others' needs, as well as differing perspectives on how to resolve them. In the process, they draw on their university education and personal talent, honing skills as leaders and gaining both humility and self-confidence. They also gain experience, which illuminates concepts taught in the classroom, and that enables them to engage in public service where financial circumstances might not otherwise allow.

Please visit the Internship Guidelines page to learn more about the Public Service Fellowship program, and to apply.


                Pictured above: Maguire Center benefactor Cary Maguire with several 2014 Public Service Fellows.

2014 Maguire Public Service Fellows

Undergraduate Students

 Atkins Thomas Ira Atkins, Class of 2016

Project:  Volunteering in Panamanian homes for neglected children and orphanages with Hope for the Silent Voices in Panama.
 Raizes Lisa Raizes, Class of 2015

Project:  Volunteering with the Ethiopian National Project in Israel to help Ethiopian-Israili youth integrate into Israeli culture.
 Renstrom Erica Renstrom, Class of 2015 

Project:  Working with ManeGait in McKinney, Texas to increase the strength and confidence of people with disabilities by teaching them to ride and care for horses.

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Shah Gopika Shah, Class of 2015

Project:  Working with the Central Texas Coalition Against Human Trafficking to learn about aftercare and restoration policy in Texas. 

Arvind Venkataraman, Class of 2015

Project:   Working with the Center for Communities and Education at SMU and Apollo Tutors to set up a process to connect volunteers with tutoring opportunities at schools in West Dallas.

Graduate Students

 HeerenSabato Alice Heeren Sabato, 1st year candidate Ph.D., Graduate Program in Art History

Project:  Conducting research to explore the architectural and urbanist projects of the Fascist government in Italy, particularly the physical changes to the city of Rome and the ideological discourse permeating it.

 Hussain Nazia Hussain, 2nd year Masters, Medical Anthropology

Project:  Volunteering with Nexus Recovery in Dallas, Texas to develop a research protocol, to gain an understanding of the barriers and cultural influences pregnant women have with respect to motivations of seeking care and how substance abuse hinders or propels these women.

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 Mens Jade Mens, 3rd year Evening Law, Dedman School of Law  

Project:  Volunteering in the United States Attorney's Office for the Northern District of Texas performing legal research and assisting with witness preparation, depositions and trials.

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Schwimmer Jack Schwimmer, 2nd year Masters, Meadows Art Management, MBA Cox School of Business

Project:  Volunteering with the Los Angeles County Arts Commission in its education arm, "Arts for All" doing research and updating its online resources. 

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 Xia Yusun Xia, 2nd year Masters, Department of Statistical Science/Statistics

Project:  Working with the League of Women Voters of Dallas to gather research on the impact of Texas' new voting regulations requiring voters to present valid ID at the polls.
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