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Fall 2018 Capstone Games Released on Steam

Jan 02, 2019

SMU Guildhall's newest batch of capstone games have been released on Steam! These four games, developed during Fall 2018, were created by students in Cohort 27 and represent the culmination of two years spent in game development.


SMU Guildhall capstone game Circuit Slinger

Circuit Slinger

Created by: MioMax

Circuit Slinger is a VR rhythm game in which players purge corrupted code to a beat. Grab a pair of guns and shoot your way through three virtual landscapes and six levels of heart-pounding, original EDM music!

Download & Play on Steam
*Requires VR headset




Created by: Team Entropy

Cyberdrome is a fast paced, first-person cyberpunk action game in which you use a high-tech sword and enhanced movement abilities to traverse dangerous environments and kill robots before they kill you. 

Download & Play on Steam


SMU Guildhall capstone game FrostRunner


Created by: Think Arcade

FrostRunner is a first-person platformer “speedrunning” game in which the player is tasked with rapidly completing platforming challenges, navigating 36 levels of arctic terrain before the timer runs out. 

Download & Play on Steam


SMU Guildhall capstone game La Rana

La Rana

Created by: Frog Paw Studios

In La Rana, you play as Soos, a frog spirit working to purify a cursed temple using the last drops of Rana’s power. Explore the vast ruins to discover secret chambers and recover the Temple of Rana’s lost power to restore rain to the world.

Download & Play on Steam