Licensing SMU Guildhall Games

Most SMU Guildhall titles and IP are available to third-parties for flexible licensing at very reasonable costs. If you’re interested in developing one of our award-winning games further, contact GameLab for more information. We will first determine if the property you are interested in is available for licensing, and then we can discuss how licensing with SMU works. Licensing SMU Guildhall IP is an easy, cost-effective way to develop creative games into profitable franchises.

IP Available for Licensing

Contact us for more information about the available titles below.


SMU Guildhall capstone game Circuit Slinger SMU Guildhall capstone game La Rana Cyberdrome SMU Guildhall capstone game FrostRunner
Lost in the Dark Poster Re:Bound Poster Up in the Air Poster Dawn
Mouse Playhouse SMU Guildhall game ALEX Protocol hero image smu guildhall team game project scrapped smu guildhall team game project inua