SMU Guildhall Studio Environment

Our facilities

SMU Guildhall brings the functionality and flair of a video game studio to the academic landscape. Our classrooms offer high-tech design and function, and much of our building was modeled after real studio environments. Here you'll find:

Team Game Project Studios: As the Guildhall's team-based approach mirrors the structure of a real game studio, so do our project studios. During their first and second team game projects, students are given access to a 2131 sq. ft. open multi-team studio and 14 small breakout project studios, and during their final capstone project, each team is provided studio space that they "own" during their 6-month development cycle. These creative spaces provide collaboration and development space to take student games from initial conceptual formation to completion, and all include mobile project planning and tracking space, large workstations, and professional grade seating.

Advanced Technology Lab: Our classrooms offer high-tech design and function. This includes the advanced technology lab, which features R&D systems from Intel, Prism 3D, Measurand Shape Wrap motion capture suit, XBOX, Kinect, Playstation, Oculus Rift, iPad, Nexus, and HTC Vive as well as PC and Mac systems with software and applications for development, testing, and student work.

Arcades & Game Libraries: SMU Guildhall houses MAME arcade machines with 165 arcade games, including games with historical significance (Space Invaders and Lunar Lander) to fan favorites (Street Fighter II, Puzzle Bubble, and Golden Tee). We also house more than 450 student team games in our faculty-maintained game library, as well as a number of board games that our faculty use to teach introductory game design concepts.

Usability Lab: Our professional usability testing and playtesting lab a key resource for student game testing. Formerly the user research hub of a major publisher, it has been used by over half a dozen triple-A studios to evaluate the experience created by their games and supply actionable feedback to the teams. The lab supplies our students with resources that are normally available only from a major publisher, including 10 group testing stations, a living room style lab with an observation booth for real-world evaluations, and real-time high definition recording and broadcasting equipment.

Audio Library: We maintain a library of sound effects and music scores, including a sound library that was gifted to us by Gearbox Software, that is available for use in our team game projects.

Student lounges & study spaces: There are several areas within our building where students can hang out between classes to relax and study. These spaces range from comfortable living room-like spaces to private cubes with dry erase boards and large workstations.