smu guildhall specializations grey design Design the player experience

As a designer at SMU Guildhall, you will learn to bring art and code to life as you design the "fun". You're the jack of all trades that makes all things work in concert. Designers use scripting and art to create worlds, craft gameplay, and define player flow. Utilizing diverse perspectives and backgrounds, designers consider player psychology and motivations to influence and guide they way users navigate games.


Who are Guildhall designers?

Our eclectic group of students comes from a wide range of backgrounds — architecture, mythology, creative writing, computer science, fine arts, history, psychology... even music! Combined, this diversity provides a broad perspective that inspires creative concepts and designs to appeal to a variety of gamers.

What will I learn as a designer at SMU Guildhall?

  • Use a variety of game editors to create games
  • Programming/scripting
  • 2D & 3D art
  • Working with other disciplines
  • Player psychology
  • Player immersion
  • Level layout & player flow
  • Multi-player & single-player design
  • Game aesthetics & architecture
  • Encounter & puzzle design
  • Storytelling & character development
  • Interface design and systems design

What would my career path be as a designer?

The classic designer captures the game design in an immersive player experience. More artistic types build the worlds and make them aesthetically pleasing, while more technical types focus on scripting gameplay elements. Those with a gift for systems design or narrative may even pursue opportunities in more specialized realms. Common career options include:

  • Level designer
  • World builder
  • Gameplay scripter
  • Game designer
  • Narrative designer