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OP Live Dallas


OP Live Dallas

SMU Guildhall collaboratively presents OP Live Dallas each year with eGency Global. OP Live Dallas is an interactive, immersive esports event held in the Dallas, Texas area dedicated to sharing a passion for gaming through competitive play, inspiring and educating the next generation of gaming professionals and their families, and highlighting the many facets of the industry through practical and real-life applications. The 2018 event included:

  • Pro-Am Fortnite tournament in which attendees could play against pro teams including the Dallas Fuel

  • Collegiate Overwatch competition featuring 16 university teams

  • Hackathon in which students competed to create an app to aid the esports industry

  • Informative talks from industry leaders about the esports industry and how to be part of it

  • A showcase of SMU Guildhall student-made games

  • Cosplay

  • Free play stations

  • Art contest

  • Vendor booths

  • And much more!


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