SMU Guildhall Game Jam

GameLab at SMU Guildhall bridges student teams with industry professionals by:

The SMU Guildhall Game Jam is an annual student event which includes eight hours of quick, creative game development by each new incoming cohort. The event follows new student Orientation and precedes the first day of Fall classes.

The event allows new students to get acquainted with one another and with the Guildhall culture and its team game development process.

"The event was built around bonding through the passion of making games," said Mark Nausha, Deputy Director of GameLab and production faculty at SMU Guildhall. "It is a perfect icebreaker and bonding experience for our new students."

In the Game Jam, students develop video games, card games, and board games, often incorporating a great deal of wit and humor into many of their creations. Video games are produced in Unity and allow everyone involved to contribute to concepting and developing a game, whether students are experienced in Unity or new to the system.

Alumni and existing students are also invited to attend the Game Jam each year, and many help throughout the event while passing on knowledge to the incoming cohort.