FAQs for those External to University

Commonly asked questions by non-SMU students and employees planning events on campus.

Please contact the venue "contact" of the building /venue you are interested in hosting your event. You can find their information by selecting the venue.

The Facilities of SMU are private property and are to be used to carry out the mission of the University.  Use of the University's Facilities will be permitted when consistent with the University's mission. Therefore, sponsorship by an officially recognized campus department or organization is required. See the venue contact for additional details.

The University grounds are normally not available for those external to the university. They are reserved for SMU student and employee events only.

Security requirements vary by venue. The venue contact will have the specific security measures your event may require.  

Requirements vary from venue to venue, but many spaces on campus are exclusive to SMU Hospitality. Please see the venue contact for additional information.

Available parking is dependent on the date and time of your event. Please request parking for cars, vans or buses through the venue contact when securing a space for the event.

A certificate of insurance (COI) – also known as evidence of insurance – is requested when liability (or loss) may be a concern for SMU. For example, if you are hosting or sponsoring an event on campus, you may be asked to obtain a certificate of insurance (COI) for yourself/organization or your third-party vendor(s) as evidence that certain liabilities will be covered during the course of the activity or event.  The venue contact can provide you with additional information.

Requirements vary by venue. Please see the venue contact for more details.

You must request to take photos or video of activities, campus grounds, buildings (exterior and interior), and aerials (drones), through  SMU Development and External Affairs (DEA). For more information please see Filming and Photography by Outside Vendors.

Service of alcohol on campus is limited to beer, wine and champagne, except for those locations that have received exceptions in writing for the service of liquor and/or mixed beverages. Service of alcohol is also exclusive to SMU Hospitality department. Complete guidelines for the service of alcohol on the SMU campus may be found on the Guidelines for the Service of Alcohol on the SMU Campus page. The venue contact will be able to assist you.

Costs vary by venue. The venue contact will have more information on specific costs for an event rental.

All participants under the age of 18, must be accompanied by an adult chaperone/advisor from the event at all times, this includes all "free time." To ensure the personal safety of the participants, the University requires a minimum of one adult chaperone for every twelve (12) youth participants. For more information visit the Protection of Minors Training Web Site.