Ineligible Programs

The United States Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) limits the total number of VA beneficiaries and non-VA eligible grant recipients enrolled in an academic program. Once the limit is reached, the program is no longer eligible for students to enter into these programs and receive benefits from the VA. The purpose of this rule is to verify that a minimal number of non-Veterans find a program worthwhile and valuable.

In accordance with VA guidelines, the following programs are currently suspended and ineligible to receive Chapter 33, Chapter 30, and Chapter 1606 benefits.

This applies only to new students or students wishing to change majors. If you are already in one of these programs, you will continue to receive benefits. Calculations are completed each term.

Last updated 3/10/2022

Program Concentration
BA French Studies   
BS Anthropology  
MBA (Full Time, Two Year) Accounting
MM Piano Performance  
MS Manufacturing Management  
MS Mechanical Engineering/ MBA (Dual Degree)   
MS Systems Engineering