Substance Abuse

At SMU we are aware that the university is a microcosm of the environment around us.  As such, SMU prohibits possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages in public place on campus and enforces city and state laws including the prohibition of the possession and consumption of alcohol by those younger than 21.

SMU requires that all students be in compliance with all local, Texas, and federal laws regarding controlled substances including prohibition of their use, sale, possession, or manufacture. Although some states legalize the use of marijuana, it is still illegal to use or sell marijuana in the state of Texas.

A licensed substance abuse counselor is available to assist SMU students who may be “at risk” or struggling with alcohol or other drug problems. The counselor provided assessment, intervention, referral, short-term counseling, as well as on-going support for recovering students. Sessions with the licensed counselor are confidential and no information is released without written consent of the student.