Estimated Expenses for I20

Estimated Expenses for I-20s

International Students are required to submit proof of financial funds sufficient to cover one year of estimated expenses. These estimated expenses are broken down into three categories: Tuition & fees, living expenses and other required expenses by the University (Health insurance and/or miscellaneous expenses based on your field of study). For information on what documents are acceptable as proof of funds please review our video “Request an I-20 from SMU

Please note: The information below are estimated expenses and should only serve as a point of reference.  Amounts may vary depending on the individual student’s degree plan, choice of housing and specific program of study.

2020-2021 Cost of Attendance for Undergraduate Programs

Tuition and fees

Living Expenses

Health Insurance & Miscellaneous





2020-2021 Cost of Attendance for Graduate Programs

Tuition rates and fees for Graduate programs vary depending on your academic program. To determine exact direct costs, please see the University Bursar’s Direct Cost of Attendance page.


Please note that international students are required to enroll in 6 or more credit hours


Living Expenses

Other Expenses

Cox School of Business


$8,500 – Health Ins & misc.

Dedman College of Humanities & Sciences





$3,000 Health ins.

Dedman School of Law

$19, 350




$21, 350


Lyle School of Engineering



Meadows School of Art



Perkins School of Theology






Simmons School of Education







Living expenses for dependents

International students requiring F-2 I-20s for a dependent spouse and/or child (children) will be required to provide additional funds to cover their estimated living expenses. The amount required is broken down as follows:

1 Dependent (spouse or child)

$ 8,000

2 Dependents


3 Dependents


4 Dependents


*Add $4,000 for each additional dependent