Meet the Leaders

Amanda Barreto

Hi my name is Amanda Barreto! I’m graduating in December 2022 with a major in Accounting. I was born and raised by the beach in Brazil. I enjoy living in Dallas because there are so many job opportunities in a variety of industries. Also, DFW is just around the corner, which makes traveling a lot easier. One of my favorite things about SMU is my professors, they are a useful resource to help navigate through the university and adult life.

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Dedeepya Chinnam

Hello! My name is Dedeepya Chinnam, most people call me Deepu. I am a junior majoring in Business Analytics & Supply Chain, Statistics and Economics. I am from Hyderabad, India but now stay in Frisco, Texas with my family. I love the rich diversity in Dallas in terms of things to do especially the different cuisines and various restaurants available to try out:) In terms of SMU traditions, I love lights and hence Diwali (the Indian celebration of lights) and SMU's traditional celebration of lights are my favorite events on campus!

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Yazeed Alkhrijah

Hey! My name is Yazeed Alkhrijah, and I’m from Saudi Arabia. Currently, I am working toward my PhD degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering at SMU. I have been a student at SMU since 2017, where I have a lot of good memories. My favorite memory at SMU is the SMU American football home game experience where you can enjoy your day at the boulevard and watch the Gerald J. Ford stadium game. Also, SMU gave me the opportunity to enjoy the fantastic city of Dallas that has endless activities such as seeing the Cowboys and being around many world-class museums.

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Logan Lu

Hi, my name is Logan Lu. I am a sophomore majoring in Economics with Finance Applications. I am from China. My favorite thing about Dallas is exploring different restaurant options. I love enjoying all kinds of food. My favorite SMU memory is playing and officiating intramural basketball. 

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Ana Sofia Reyna

Hello! My name is Ana Sofia Reyna, and I am currently in my second year at SMU (Sophomore). I study three majors, Earth Sciences B.A. with Specialization in Environmental Studies, French Studies B.A., and Educational Studies B.S. I am from Monterrey, Mexico, and the USA. Living in Dallas, TX has been amazing because it feels like the best of both worlds. Here you get to experience life in the city, while at the same time getting that feeling of home on campus. Being at SMU has allowed me to experience wonderful traditions and moments like Boulevarding before a football game and going to the beautiful libraries like Fondren and Bridwell with friends.

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Sivani Ramesh Kumar

Hey y'all! I'm Sivani, an international student from India! I'm majoring in Psychology and Data science. SMU is my second home and ISSS have made sure of that! I'm so excited for the upcoming events!!

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Shannon Lee

Hi! My name is Shannon Lee and I am a junior from Texarkana, TX majoring in Accounting, Applied Math, and Statistics. My favorite thing about Dallas is the variety of restaurants, especially rooftop restaurants with a skyline view in the background. My favorite SMU tradition is Celebration of Lights festivities and tree lighting.

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Christina McDougall

Hi! My name is Christina McDougall and I'm an Australian citizen born and raised in Singapore. I'm a Public Relations and Advertising major. I'm so excited to get to meet more international SMU students this semester! 

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Reeth Magoo

My name is Reeth Magoo and I am a junior majoring in Philosophy with minors in Political Science, Law & Legal Reasoning, and History. I am originally from San Antonio, Texas so I love that SMU is located in the heart of Dallas with lots of exciting sights and culturally immersive experiences to partake in. One of my favorite SMU traditions is the Indian Student Association’s annual Diwali celebration! 

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