VA Benefits

VA Benefits

The University Registrar’s Office certifies veterans each term for their benefits under federal programs, including the Yellow Ribbon Program. Most academic programs at SMU qualify for U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs benefits, making an SMU education accessible and affordable. Veterans are required to provide specific documents before they can be certified with the VA’s Veterans Benefits Administration.

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VA Chapters and Requirements  

Certifying Official

    Meghan Budig
    Manager of Certifications, Visiting Students, and Special Projects
    University Registrar’s Office
    PO Box 750181
    Dallas, TX 75275-0181
    Phone 214-768-4348
    Fax 214-768-2507            
    Laura Lee Blanton Building, University Registrar’s Office, Room 101

VA Education Benefits Contact Telephone

Full-time status requirements:

    Fall/Spring/Summer – 12 hours
    Interterms – 3 hours

    Graduate / Theology:
    Fall/Spring/Summer – 9 hours
    Interterms – 3 hours

    EHD (Counseling and Dispute Resolution only):
    All Terms – 9 hours

    Law (Professional):
    Fall/Spring/Summer – 9 hours
    Interterms – 3 hours

    Law (Masters):
    Fall/Spring/Summer – 8 hours
    Interterms – 3 hours