MilVets FAQ

  • What do the Milvets do?
    The U.S. Military Veterans of SMU started is an organization on campus exclusively catering to the unique needs and experiences of SMU's emergent student veteran community. Veterans returning from active service face not only the challenges of returning to civilian life, but the pressures of an academic transition when attempting to pursue a college degree. The Milvets student organization was formed to provide an outlet for students with military experience to socialize and interact with other veterans outside of the classroom. In addition to providing a social outlet for returning veterans, the organization serves as a resource to any students experiencing difficulty with the transition back to civilian/campus life, can advise on issues concerning veterans benefits or the GI Bill, and acts as a service organization.

  • How can I become active in the SMU Milvets?
    Visit the Milvets student organization website, or contact any of the MilVets officers.

  • Where can I go to meet other veterans?
    The Veterans Lounge on the third floor of the Hughs-Trigg Student Center is a great place to meet other veterans and find resources student veterans and servicemembers.