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Visiting Students

Undergraduate Information

SMU welcomes students from other colleges and universities who wish to attend classes.

  • Eligibility - The Visiting Student Program is for undergraduate students ONLY. Students must be in good standing at the institutions they last attended and eligible to return to those institutions.
  • Application Process - Visiting students wishing to attend SMU summer school must complete and submit an Application for Admission and Enrollment Form. Please see SMU's Summer Studies website for details.
  • Course cancellation prior to the first day of class has a 5% charge of tuition and fees. On the first and second class days, a 50% charge of tuition and fees will be assessed. After the second class day there will be no refund of tuition and fees.
  • First year, transfer, and readmitted students who have been admitted to SMU for the fall semester and wish to begin in the summer, must update their terms of entrance by notifying the Office of Admissions in writing at P. O. Box 750181, Dallas, TX 75275 prior to May 1.
  • The Visiting Student Program is part of the Office of Transfer and Transition Services in the Division of Enrollment Services.
Summer School Visiting Student Program
Claire Brooks, Administrative Coordinator
6185 Airline Road
Blanton Building, Suite 100
Dallas, TX 75205
  • Note: Bacterial-Meningitis Immunization: Texas State Law effective January 1, 2012: Any entering student at a Texas college or university who is under the age of 30 years must be immunized before attending classes and must have received the vaccine within the preceding 5 years and at least 10 days prior to the first day of classes or provide exemption information. Enrollment holds will be placed for students who do not comply. Please refer to and download required forms by going to: Forms can be faxed, emailed, mailed or hand delivered to the Health Center. Address and telephone numbers are on the top of the form.