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SMU Welcomes International Transfer Students!

Dallas Hall

Transfer University Honors Program

SMU is pleased to extend participation in its University Honors Program (UHP) to transfer students!

SMU's UHP allows highly engaged and motivated students of all majors to enhance their academic experience at SMU by satisfying the University Curriculum or General Education Curriculum in small, discussion-based honors classes. In addition to these classes, UHP students participate in an honors community that offers a full calendar of optional honors events including lectures, field trips, book discussions, lunches, and dinners. Fellowships are also available for independent research. Students who complete the UHP graduate with honors from the University.

In order to participate in SMU's UHP, transfer students must have a transferable GPA of 3.7. A short application process is required.

Click here for an information sheet.
Contact your admissions counselor for an application.