Request Weekend Tickets

May Commencement Weekend is May 13 and 14, 2022. The information below reflects information from May 2021. The University is in the process of finalizing details for the May 2022 weekend. Please check back in January for updates.

Request your Commencement tickets beginning Monday, April 26 at 9:00 a.m.

Request Tickets

Only students who indicated they are attending the morning All-University Commencement Ceremony are eligible to request tickets. Entry tickets are required for all guests, regardless of age. You are allotted:

  • 1 candidate entry ticket for yourself to participate in the morning ceremony.
  • 4 guest tickets to the All-University Commencement Ceremony.

Ticket Warning: Selling and bartering tickets is prohibited. Such action may result in the loss of access to guest tickets and/or a referral to the Office of Student Conduct & Community Standards for a policy violation. Each ticket can only be redeemed once. Once a ticket has been redeemed, it can no longer be used for entry. SMU is not responsible for tickets that have been redeemed too early.

How to Request Tickets

We are going mobile!

Beginning Monday, April 26 at 9:00 a.m. visit our Commencement Ticket website and logon by providing your secure SMU logon credentials.

  • Click the “Get Tickets” button under the All-University Commencement Ceremony event.
  • Candidate and guest ticket options will appear. Click the “Claim” button to request your tickets.
  • Guest tickets, up to the limit of four, are claimed individually. Names of your guests are required for the tickets. You may also include their email addresses to send the tickets directly to them.
  • Once you have successfully requested your tickets, all ticket links will be sent to your SMU email address. You can manage your candidate and guest tickets on our ticket website under “Manage My Tickets.”

Each ticket must be redeemed using a mobile device on the morning of the ceremony. Guest ticket links can be forwarded to your guests and may be transferred; however, tickets can only be redeemed once.

Having trouble? Please contact or call 214-768-3417.

How to Use Your Tickets

On the morning of the ceremony, please open your ticket on your mobile device and show it to the ticketing staff or gate attendant. Then, click “Redeem Ticket.” DO NOT click redeem before you reach the ticket window (candidates) or prior to your security screening (guests). Ceremony staff must see you redeem the ticket for entry.

Guests, if you do not have a mobile device, another member of your party can access your ticket from their device. If no one in your party has a working mobile device, please visit the ticket support area. You must have claimed tickets in the system before visiting ticket support.