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Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

Time Limits

150% Rule

  • Undergraduates and Graduates students will not be allowed to complete more than 150% hours required for their degree plan. If a student exceeds this number of hours prior to complete their degree, the student  will be no longer awarded federal, state and institutional aid. Students are allowed to file an appeal for extension of time.
  • Changed Majors:  A student who has attempted 150% of the hours needed to earn his/her degree because the student has changed majors, is an example in which professional judgment can be used to allow additional hours to be attempted.
  • Transfer Students: if the student originally came to SMU as a Transfer Student Financial Aid may exclude transfer hours from the maximum number of hours attempted and, using Professional Judgment, create a situation in which the student could be awarded.
  • The above represents two examples of when a decision could be made to allow aid after a student has reached the maximum time/hours frame for quantitative and quantitative measures.  Documentation supporting professional judgment by the Financial Aid Adviser should be placed in imaging and appropriate comments made on the FA Screens.

Maximum Terms

  • Undergraduate students are limited to 12 terms or six academic years.
  • Graduate students are limited to the time frame listed in their schools catalog.
  • Students are allowed to appeal for aid if they are exceeding this time limit.
  • Students attending less than full time will be allowed extra terms to complete their degree.